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The Monolith of the Mamba-Men. Hex 19.17. Tenkar's Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox.

At the centre of Hex 19.17 is the vile, and despicable, Monolith of the Mamba-Men. A huge piece of unidentified rock which thrusts itself out from the swampy morass that lies all around. The Monolith is festooned in moss, skeletons, and the slewed-off skin of the Mamba-Men, (which are an unholy conjunction of man and snake).
Some say they were a Sorcerers experiment gone wrong, others, a race of peoples from beyond the stars. The exact location of whence they came is unknown, all that you need to know is that they are here, now, and are truly something to be reviled...loathed...feared.
Much like the cobra, the hood swells when angered.

There are hundreds of monoliths dotted throughout the swamp, each one decidedly older than the next. They vary in shape, form and size. Some, no bigger than a severed thumb, others, standing many stories high above the foliage of the Okiep trees.

But none are more magnificent and maleficent, than the monolith at the heart of their village. It is here that they worship their Dark god, Slaang, in the hope that she will bless them with her unholy gifts. A foul, slithering, reptilian god is she, one who would see naught but death and destruction in our world. The Monolith acts as a portal between our world and hers. Thankfully, she is waging wars in other realms and her gaze is elsewhere...but the heavens help us when she lavishes her affections upon us.
A statue of their god, Slaang.

The Mamba-Men are an ancient race that spawns only once every cycle (approximately every two hundred years). Dubbed the ‘Nathair’ by the Picts, they were mortal enemies, and as such, many campaigns were waged against them, (the fiercest of which was led by none other than Brude Mac Bile, who did not stop until he had killed all their priests, thus setting the race of the Mamba-men backward in their plans) but over time they have grown in number and danger, and are once more a threat to isle. They keep a token force around the monolith for show only. The rest of the slither lives underground in humid caverns where they lay in wait for a darker day, a day when they can launch their attack on the surface world...and sadly for the inhabitants of the Isle, that day is coming all too soon.

  Hit Dice: 4+1
  Armour Class: 4 [15]
  Attacks: 2 claws (1d6), 1 bite (1d8) + Special
  Saving Throw: 16
  Special: If bitten by a Mamba-Man, Save vs. Poison or die. Mamba-Men are immune to any types of poison themselves. Because they have hands, they can also utilise weapons and as such, specialise in Poisoned Bone Scimitars (1d8) Save vs. Poison or collapse for 2d4 rounds. They also shoot poisoned darts from their blow guns too, if hit by a dart, same rules apply.
  Move: 6/12 (Swamp)
  Alignment: Chaos
  Challenge Level/XP: Extremely High

Mamba-Men are reptilian, both male and female, living in a central village in the heart of the swamp. On the surface, surrounding the Monolith, you will find 3d12 at any given time. They patrol their area aggressively and are skilled and adept warriors. They move silently at all times and are only surprised 10% of the time.

 Beneath the ground lives the rest of the slither (5d30) waiting for Slaang to call them to arms.

There can only ever be thirteen priests of Slaang: A high priest (level 6-8) and twelve regular priests (level 2-4) who administer to the slither daily.

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