Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Here be Monsters: Vulture-kin of The Skeleton Coast.

The Chant of the Vultures

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We are circling, glad of the battle: we   
    joy in the smell of the smoke. 
Fight on in the hell of the trenches: we   
    publish your names with a croak! 
Ye will lie in dim heaps when the sunset   
    blows cold on the reddening sand; 
Yet fight, for the dead will have wages—a 
   death-clutch of dust in the hand. 
Ye have given us banquet, O kings, and   
   still do we clamor for more: 
Vast, vast is our hunger, as vast as the   
   sea-hunger gnawing the shore. 

They are short, hunched, ungainly, and reek of carrion. The miasma of rotten flesh precedes them and you’ll smell them long before you see them. Vulture-kin are a mockery of man and bird, and are found all over the southern regions of Ki’Afra.  They have a balding human head, dead black eyes like liquid tar, a large curved beak, and a human torso with arms on top of scrawny vulture legs ending in viscous, curved talons.  Large mange riddled wings extend a full six feet from tip to scraggy shoulder.
 They dog the footsteps of the nearly-dead, waiting for their demise before scavenging the meat from their bones. They don’t run, they galumph, and will rather take flight than fight. However, they will attack if necessary. They use their carrion breath as a weapon, it’s green, nauseating and paralysing. They also regurgitate the contents of their stomachs in a linear spray of corrosive acid and rotting meat.
They line their nests with old clothes, rotting skins, trinkets, and shiny baubles gathered from their food source. A Vulture-kin nest can yield surprising results. There is a 30% chance an item will be magical. The nest litter is made up of, old clothes, hair, fur, bones, and shiny objects, like jewellery, and weapons.

HD: 3+2
AC: 7(12)
#Att.:2 Talons or Beak (or Special)
DMG: 1d6 Talons 1d8 Beak
#ENC: 1d4
   Special: 2 (Each one can be used twice a day)

Poison breath: Green cloud of paralysing vapour. Test against paralysis, if failed, knocked unconscious for 1d6+2 rounds. If passed, stricken with uncontrollable vomiting for two full rounds and may not do anything but be sick.

Acid Spray: Highly corrosive acid that burns for three rounds becoming weaker every round thereafter. In the first round it deals 1d8 points of damage, 1d6 for the second round and 1d4 for the third. If someone splashes water on the acid it will dilute all damage to 1d4 and will burn for two rounds only.

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