Friday, 27 February 2015

d100. What's frozen in a block of ice.

‘Driven south to the land of the snow and ice
To a place where nobody's been…’
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

One minute it was clear blue sky, the next it wasn’t. Don’t ask me where that storm sprang from cos I don’t know… from hell most likely. Little Xanthene was the first to disappear in the white-out, then it was the turn of the Fell brothers. In the end, there was only the two of us left, me and Ink. We survived. Barely. But we did find this though, frozen in a block of ice…’
Gustav Kerr the Myrmidon

01-31 choose one random non-magical item from the equipment list in your player’s handbook
32-62 choose two random non-magical items from the equipment list in your player’s handbook
63 A Narwhal tusk (About 6ft in length, worth at least 500gp to the right collector, but is in fact a spear of +2 vs. Magic Users)
64 A dead rat and a string to swing it with (when swung it will summon 2d10 giant rats that will do the wielders bidding)
65 The severed head of a bearded man (when defrosted around the fire, the head will open its eyes and allow you to ask it one question a day. Answers truthfully 50% of the time)
66 A large red mushroom (when ground down and consumed it wards versus poison as well as giving the imbiber the most pleasant dreams)
67 A small clay horse (written on the base is the word, ‘Perd’. Recite it out loud and it will transform into a full size riding horse that may be ridden like a normal horse for 3d12 turns)
68 An Ice Maiden (After being thawed, she will awaken and act as a NPC to the party. She is equivalent to a fifth level fighter)
69 A Harpoon (Plus +2 vs. Were-Whales and other large sea-creatures)
70 A giant sharks tooth (Cursed item. Player rolls a ‘fumble’ in combat on a 1, 2, or 3)
71 A large frog about the size of your hand (Was a wizards familiar trapped in ice for more than thirty years. Does what a normal familiar does, only better. A +1 to all its interactions with its new owner)
72 A lump of ambergris (worth at least 800gp per kilo. Roll 1d6 to determine its weight. A roll of one equals 1kg etc.)
73 A bosun’s whistle that’s carved from bone (Can be used to control up to ten skeletons. One short blast equals ‘form-up’. Two equals,’ right foot, quick march’. Three equals, ‘Attack’. Four equals ‘Stop’)
74 A Caveman (will join the group as an NPC. Acts as a fighter level 2.  Cannot speak common, but if treated fairly, will do their best to learn and remain with the group.)
75 A small wooden dog (Written on the base is the word, ‘Hond’.  Recite the word aloud and it will transform into a watchdog that will stand guard while the party sleeps. Will return to its normal size at sunrise. Can only be used twice a week, and can only be summoned after the sun has set. It will bark if anyone comes within the 100ft of the group, even if those people/creatures are invisible)
76 The tip of a spear (+2 vs. Frost Giants.  Wielder takes half damage from any spell/action/ability that would deal the wielder damage via frost/cold/freezing etc. A successful save roll means the wielder takes nothing if it already calls for them to take half damage)
77 A map (leads the players to a nearby dungeon containing a fabulous treasure)
78 A quiver of arrows (40% that at least five of them are magical)
79 A severed hand (will obey simple commands, like, ‘Follow’, ‘Stop’, ‘Grab’, or ‘Strangle’)
80 A mask (see this post and roll accordingly)
81 An Albatross with a crossbow bolt through its chest (cursed item, will attach itself to the finders neck by chain. Wearer suffers penalties to everything i.e. combat, movement, saving throws)
82 A Butterfly (owner receives a plus 1 to any save required versus illusions)
83 A jug of honeyed mead (acts as a healing restorative that will take the player back to full hit points. There are 1d6 draughts available in the jug)
84 Iron manacles that are connected to leg and neck restraints (anyone trying to pick the locks on this item do so at -30% to their success roll)
85 A Telescope (when at sea, can be used to see through what would otherwise be an impenetrable fog bank etc.)
86 Jawbone of a donkey (Allows the wielder to talk to fairy folk and other sundry phantasms of the Sidhe ilk)
87 A Mastodon (10% chance it comes alive after thawing process. If so, see the world in style!)
88 A treasure chest (appears empty, false bottom holding 1000gp worth of snow diamonds)
89 A didgeridoo (if played correctly, can be used to summon a magical fire that will warm the players but will disappear at sunrise)
90 A mirror (can be used to read scrolls/parchments/books written in another language. Simply place the item before it and read what it says in the reflection, albeit upside down and left to right)
91 A crystal ball (can be used to talk with spirits once per day, what you discuss is up to you, but be warned, whatever they say is usually a bald faced lie)
92 A box of ship’s biscuits (filling, just one biscuit consumed allows you to go without food for three days. Must still consume liquid though. 24 biscuits in the box)
93 A jade dragonfly (with the word ‘naaldekoker’ written on the bottom, recite word and it will come alive allowing the user to see what it sees for 2 turns. It will follow simple flight instructions like, stop, go, land, left or right)
94 A small spinnaker (when at sea, will summon a wind on a windless day, just enough to get your small vessel going)
95 A spellbook (from another place/time/dimension- contains 1d4 spells from a completely different RPG system than the one you are playing at the moment. Modify so that they fit)
96 A small cauldron (can turn anything into a nutritious meal for two. Sticks/leaves/mud etc. Can be used twice a week)
97 A boomerang (+2 to hit flying birds when out hunting or foraging. This Boomerang is of the returning variety and will come back to the throwers hand)
98 A mandrake (can be used to grow a missing body part, once only. Lost a hand? Tie the mandrake to the area in question and it will begin to grow again, takes 4 weeks for a hand, and six weeks for a leg. Can’t grow a head)
99 An ice axe (adds a +20% when climbing in severe cold/frozen conditions)
100 A pair of snow shoes (can pass through a Wall of Ice without harm, as well as moving through/over snow and ice without penalty)


  1. "We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow..."

  2. Nice list of treasure items, and good way to introduce them. Good work!