Monday, 29 December 2014

Random Encounters at a Ki'Afran Watering Hole. Dusk and Dawn.

It’s hot. The sun beats down without mercy. You need to drink or die; Ki’Afra is not for the weak. There, on the horizon... another mirage? Praise be! It’s a watering hole! But wait, what’s that? In the shadow, it’s...

1) A pride of young ,drunk, heavily armoured lion warriors out celebrating their first human kill
2) A posse of outlaw jackals, hiding from the law after boosting a shipment of stones sent from the mines in the Mountains of the Moon
3) A Hyena Necromancer leading a troop of Un-dead Stygians chained hand and foot.
4) A Crash of Rhinoceros Bounty Hunters out hunting Babel the Despoiler- scourge of the Savannah-who are willing to pay for any information you may have on his whereabouts. It’s just unfortunate that one of the party is the spitting image of the man they seek
5) A Vulture Sorcerer taking measurements of the horizon, the longitude, the latitude, and the arc of the setting twin suns
6) A dazed and confused Norse God very far from home
7) A troupe of Monkey Mimes on their way to the Palace of Reeds to perform for the King
8) A caravan of Spice merchants going South following the Dogge Star
9) An Ivory Palanquin, being carried by a bevy of fully armed Amazons. Reclining behind silk curtains is their Queen, Shalla-Bal the Silver
10) A nervous Herald of Zambambia on his way to the Court of the Cannibal King for dinner...
11) A Pure white heron, an emissary of the Ki’Afran Fey
12) A Dream-weed smuggler, guarded by a pack of highly trained Hawk-men
13) A slumbering crocodile berserker
14) A pride of Royal Sabre-tooth-tigers, sitting in the shade, being fanned by their human slaves
15) Ra, the Sun-God, who is weary of his eternal toil and is desperately looking for someone to take his place

16) A giant, spell-weaving arachnid, hiding in the baobab trees surrounding the watering hole
17) A Red-Back Gorilla Gladiator and his master, on their way to the Arena of Shadow and Dust to win their freedom
18) A troop of degenerate gambling Meerkats who are looking for outsiders to join a game that’s in its seventy third hour
19) A second-hand flying carpet salesman from Marrakech
20) A tall, glowing, green man, standing in the middle of the water, sucking it up through his fingers
21) A mosquito assassin, lying supine, resting, and smoking a calabash after his last kill
22) The watering hole is empty, except for the rotting corpses of men and animals everywhere. The water is actually a colossal Water-Weird
23) A Wormhole Wizard who only speaks in colours
24) The fertility goddess Isis, crying and upset at the loss of her lover
25) A boy-child, floating in a basket made from dead locusts
26) A pious of Praying- Mantis-Clerics, fighting a group of un-dead, ravening, warthogs
27) An Ebony Statue of Sorrow; if anyone pours water from the watering hole at its feet, they receive a +1 to all Saves for the next day, also, the statue will then smile until sunrise and sing out if danger approaches
28) A giant Scorpion, hiding under the sand, waiting for its next meal
29) A Veld Giant, with a pack of slobbering jackals, out hunting Quaggas
30) A herd of Wildebeest, with glowing eyes, and smouldering hooves, waiting for the sun

The above can be used at dusk, the following at dawn.

1)      A giant two-headed snake, hiding in the shade of the trees, waiting for the unwary to approach. It will silence its prey quickly then constrict the life out of them before swallowing them whole
2)      A Bard, playing a primal gourd-like instrument , chanting continuously, while a dust devil dances at his feet and around the campfire
3)      A giant, jewel encrusted throne made from beaten gold and platinum. Sitting upon it, is the mighty pachyderm god, Oliphant, surrounded by his court of armoured elephant warriors on their way to make war on their troublesome neighbours in the Kingdom of the Ghouls. You have been commanded to fight by the gods side, lest you be killed for being spies of the Ghoul King, R’Abid
4)      A lone farmer, and his son, fighting off a four-headed hydra. The farmer is actually a Lord of Karma, and will reward those for their good deeds, but punish those you are selfish and think only of themselves
5)      A giant trapdoor spider, who has built its trap right at the water’s edge to catch the unwary
6)      A troupe of ‘Old Men of the Mountains’, a venerable group of Baboon illusionists who are on their way to perform for the gods of the Silent Valley
7)      A giant, Ki’Afran clawed toad (called a Plattanna) submerged stealthily in the water. It’s tongue is strong enough to drag a fully armoured warrior to their doom
8)      The watering hole is empty, except for the rotting corpses of men and animals everywhere. The water is poisoned.
9)      A Calamity of Orc poachers out hunting for ivory on the King’s lands
10)   A larceny of inter-dimensional thieves, disguised as priests from the nearby monastery, who will rob you blind...literally, they will steal your sight
11)   A cloud of locusts, as per the spell for insects and their swarm, but this kind eat everything, even fact ,they cherish it above all else
12)   A Dazzle of Zebra-men, who are actually expert pickpockets and will rob you blind before you can say...,
13)   A Coalition of Cheetah spies, getting the lay of the land before the invasion, but now that they have told you, they will have to kill you
14)   A Journey of three Giraffe Sages, bearing gifts for the god king born to the east under a celestial black hole
15)   A group of small, emerald, scarab beetles, rolling a collection of tiny stars, moons, and glowing yellow suns, around the swirling, milky white water; entering the water will transport the group to another plane of existence entirely

16)   A Committee of crooked Vultures in talks on what to charge for use of the watering hole and its arboreal amenities
17)   A Rain Goddess of the veld, engaged in discourse with the Queen of the Leopards
18)   A slave trader, on the run from his former master, regretting his life decisions
19)   Alaine Quatermein, the famous Big-Game Hunter, searching for the Elephants Graveyard
20)   A Nuaranain Princess, with a red right hand, sworn to usurp her father. She is waiting for her army to arrive. She has space for more if you are interested
21)   A Royal astronomer, from the Court of the Crimson King, plotting the celestial movement of a falling angel
22)   An Impi of highly trained Zulu warriors, hot on the heels of a group of cattle rustlers
23)   The world famous explorer, Marku Polu, who took a left when he should have taken a right
24)   A dozing Tyrannosaurus Rex
25)   A fraud of snake-oil salesman, who are really pleased to see you. Suspiciously so...
26)   A low lying bank of mist descends as you approach the watering hole. When it finally lifts, one of your group are missing
27)   A drunken, armoured, elephant pirate, who swears his undying love to you
28)   A black and white stripped beholder, hanging around, trying to blend in
29)   A shepherd and his flock of Halfling goats
30)   A slither of Mamba-men, waiting for Queen Slang to descend from the sky above

Monday, 22 December 2014

Luck. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Luck. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo...
Luck, who needs it? Well, sometimes we all do. Especially when you can’t hit the side of a barn door, and your HP’s are dropping  faster than you can say long-sword. So, if you’ve a mind to, you could integrate these into your game with possible bane, and boon results, for those who are playing along and listening to what the locals are telling them. What’s considered good luck in one village might be considered tempting fate in another. Slip the superstitions into any rumour table and watch the fun begin. 

What passes for Good Luck/ Superstition/ in these parts

1)A lock of goblin hair in your pocket will make you sneeze when one their kind approaches
2)Hanging a horseshoe-gnome upside down from your bridle keeps your horse from going lame
3)Your undershirt, worn inside-out keeps you warm, both day and night
4)Carrying a dead thief backwards into your house makes sure you’ll never be burgled
5)A forked twig held in your hands while walking through a graveyard will dip over the grave of a Vampyr
6) A dried Halflings foot brings good luck while trying to be stealthy (not so lucky for the Halfling though)
7) A bottle of nails and rusty spikes in your backpack gives trolls a terrible stomach ache should they get too close
8) A ring around the sun means you will find gold in three days
9) A piece of stone in your pocket helps against gargoyles
10) A small acorn kept in your cheek lets you talk to squirrels
11) A flagon of wine a day, keeps the healer away
12) Not shaving after your first ogre kill
13) Tapping your sword on the ground before the first melee of the day
14) No talking about fumbles or crits while the combat is in progress
15) A necklace of orc teeth protects against colds and flu
16) To predict if a treasure chest is trapped: Suspend a bent copper coin held by a piece of thread over chest. If the coin swings in an oval or circular motion the chest is trapped. If the coin swings in a straight line the chest is alright to plunder.
17) Putting your helmet on the bed post
18) A pinch of Cockatrice dung in your drink guards against poison
19) When in a tavern, always order one more beverage than needed to honour those adventurers who fallen by your side
20) When sleeping in a dungeon, sleep north-south

21) Last one to fill the lantern for the day should spit on his boot to ensure it stays burning while in a fight
22) To protect against a wandering monster hang a cloak from the most northerly entrance or exit of the dungeon room
23) If the first dragon you ever see is dead, consider that good luck forever
24) If an angry giant walks away from you
25) A six limbed mandrake in your backpack protects you from homunculi
26) Wearing an iron spike around your neck protects you from the fey
27) Counting Tunnels underground: One’s Bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five is sickness, Six is death...
28) If your nose itches you are smelling ghosts
29) To cure a sword wound, stand at a crossroads and say, Wound, Wound, leave my side, take the next one passing by
30) Wearing a dried toad around your neck helps against a Medusa’s gaze
31) Getting a haircut on a Holyday prevents against head wounds for the year ahead
32) Wolfs bane over your front door guards against lycanthropes
33) An imp, cut in half, and left of the pillow of a sick person, will draw out the illness
34) Red Sky at night, Rangers delight. Red Sky in the morning, Rangers warning
35) A wish made upon seeing the first goblin of the spring will come true, but only if he isn’t killed before you complete the wish
36) Counting Stirges: One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a letter
Four for a boy.
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret, never to be told
37) If a severed Zombies head comes to rest at your feet consider yourself blessed
38) Using a skeletons hand and forearm as a back-scratcher ensure you wont be back-stabbed
39) A sip of the liquid from a vanquished water-weird prevents against drowning
40) A dried elf’s ear in your pocket helps you hear noise better

What passes for Bad Luck/ Superstition/ in these parts

1)      Never burn wood from a coffin
2)      Never fire a found blooded arrow
3)      A drowned elf floats face up. A drowned dwarf sinks.
4)      Dropping a weapon means death may be coming to pay a visit
5)      Any adventure that starts on a seven-day is doomed to failure
6)      The gift of a dagger from a friend means you are soon to be betrayed
7)      Shaving a dwarfs beard
8)      To dream of a Lizardman means you have an enemy within the group
9)      Never light three of anything with the same piece of tinder. I.e. no fires, lanterns, pipes, or goblins
10)   Never kill a crow; it is the soul of a dead adventurer

11)   Walking backwards into a cave is to seal your fate
 12)   If you sneeze on a first day, you sneeze for danger;
               Sneeze on a second day, kiss a stranger;
               Sneeze on a third day, sneeze for a scroll;
               Sneeze on a four day, get struck by a troll;
               Sneeze on a five day, sneeze for sorrow;
               Sneeze on a six day, see your sweetheart tomorrow.
               Sneeze on a seven day, and a devil is coming to drag you off to hell...
13)   Listening to a bard sing his songs backwards, leaves you open to demonic possession
14)   Thirteen letters in your name and you have evil in your veins...
15)   Leaving a sword in the rain means you will soon be struck down
16)   Don’t leave your leather boots on the tavern table
17)   Storing a dead body in a portable hole
18)   Shaving a Halflings feet
19)   Not responding to a chain scroll
20)   If a hag pees on you, your skin will blacken and fall off

21)   If you drop a weapon, death is coming from the direction it is pointing
22)   Never use a broken bow string for anything else
23)   Climbing a repaired rope
24)   Walking between a Frost Giants legs
25)   Never sing while on guard duty
26)   Never sheath a sword for someone else, they must do it themselves
27)   Share a bed with a dog, and you’ll suffer worse than just fleas
28)   Giving or receiving an empty coin purse
29)   To kill a fairy
30)   Washing your armour guarantees rain
31)   When a wolf howls death is close by
32)   When you nail an orc’s head to a door, upside down. All the luck will run from it
33)   When the smoke from your campfire clings to the ground, stormy weather is sure to follow
34)   You must get out from your bedroll the same way you got in
35)   Unless you were born in the Year of the Manticore it’s unlucky to wear chainmail
36)   A Black Dragon crossing your path
37)   Whistling underground
38)   A ‘Conniver’ is an expression amongst dungeoneers meaning a person who brings nothing but bad luck to the party
39)   Seeing one’s doppelganger
40)   Plucking multiple hairs from a witches chin

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Last Patrol

My new story of cold and camaraderie can be found here at the OSR Today site, for all the snowbound northern hemisphere readers.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

V is for Villain...or, building a better baddie

Unleash the Villains!
Design a villain, likety-split. From Voldermort to Vader, they all had to start somewhere, so grab your dice and get rolling... and remember, “Here’s, Johnnnnyyyyyy!!!!!”

Names and Titles/ what they call themselves/ what others have labelled them

1)                        The Aberrant
2)                        The Despotic
3)                        The Tyrannical
4)                        The Father of Lies
5)                        The Ageless Evil
6)                        Lord of the Timeless Seas
7)                        The Abominable
8)                        The Bile-Bearded
9)                        The Destroyer
10)                    Lord Fell Heart
11)                    The Desolate
12)                    Victor of Karn
13)                    The Despoiler
14)                    Count of the Embers
15)                    The Corpse King
16)                    The Bloody Bear
17)                    Of the Dark Conclave
18)                    Of the Feasting Sabbath
19)                    The Beast from The East
20)                    Lord of Carrion
21)                    The Artificer of Evil
22)                    The Avenger
23)                    Lord of Ill-Omen
24)                    The Barbarian
25)                    The Carouser
26)                    The Coffin Filler
27)                    The Un-Dead
28)                    The Beggar
29)                    The Baroque
30)                    Duke of Bedlam
31)                    The Chaotic
32)                    The Bastard
33)                    The Wanderer
34)                    The  Zealot
35)                    The Belligerent
36)                    The Berserker
37)                    The Castrator
38)                    The Vile
39)                    The Decimator
40)                    The Insane
41)                    The Torturer
42)                    The Defiler
43)                    The Soulless
44)                    The Avatar of Hate
45)                    The Diabolic
46)                    The Violent
47)                    The Shunned
48)                    The Orgasmatron
49)                    The Depraved
50)                    The Sadistic
51)                    The Celestial Void
52)                    The Skulker
53)                    The Wicked
54)                    The Superstitious
55)                    The Bellicose
56)                    The Villainous
57)                    The Wasteful
58)                    The Scurried
59)                    The Treacherous
60)                    The Treasonous
61)                    The Rat-faced Bastard
62)                    The Triumphant
63)                    The  Blasphemer
64)                    The Phantasmagorical
65)                    The Blain
66)                    The Hand of Doom
67)                    The Slug
68)                    The Wicked
69)                    The Bewitching
70)                    The Cannibal
71)                    The Pettifogger
72)                    The Eternal
73)                    The Deceiver
74)                    The Vicious
75)                    The Throttler
76)                    The Zealot
77)                    The Maniacal Martyr
78)                    The Deviant
79)                    The Bigot
80)                    The Vulgar
81)                    The Supplanted
82)                    The Lord of Discord ( sounds like a rapper)
83)                    The Spinner of Woe
84)                    The Canker
85)                    The Pale
86)                    The Defiler
87)                    The Maniac
88)                    The Bane
89)                    The Night
90)                    The Blighted
91)                    The Dark
92)                    The Terrible
93)                    The Horrific
94)                    The Boastful
95)                    The Poisoner
96)                    The Boorish
97)                    The Megalomaniac
98)                    The Strangler
99)                    The Bogy
100)                 The Rot

Vile Villainous Pets/something to stroke other than their vile ego/ what’s draped around their person or their throne/ something to amuse them/henchmen/minions/lackeys/ or someone to cater to their every whim/ a strange and peculiar confidant/consigliere

1)                        A Giant Black-Widow Spider
2)                        A pet Imp ( with its wings clipped) that rides everywhere on their shoulder
3)                        An un-dead parrot that squawks maggots constantly
4)                        The severed head of his greatest rival. He carries it around by the hair and uses its                                 mouth as a purse.
5)                         A Zombie with its head and hands sewn on backwards (not sure how handy that                                  would be, to be honest)
6)                        A servant, with eyes sewn open and mouth sewn shut
7)                        A squire with an extra arm growing out the centre of his chest
8)                        A longhaired cat
9)                        A shorthaired eunuch
10)                    A leaking leper
11)                    A shaved goblin on a chain addicted to dream-weed
12)                    A Displacer Beast
13)                    A muzzled Cockatrice
14)                    A blind medusa
15)                    A pack of dancing Ghouls
16)                    A Fallen God
17)                    A Tattooed Ape
18)                    A bearded lady
19)                    A blink dog with no eyelids
20)                    A Hypnotic Crab
21)                    A bound Demon
22)                    A withering Dryad
23)                    A smoke elemental
24)                    A bunch of multi-coloured Gas Spores tied to the back of the throne
25)                    A nefarious Nixie
26)                    A pack of feral Hellhounds
27)                    A ring of plague rats
28)                    A head in a jar
29)                    A harlequin in a brightly dyed suit of flesh
30)                    A mind flayer with hobbled tentacles under a cap of anti-magic
31)                    A Hooded Naga
32)                    A nine-legged Octopus
33)                    An arthritic and caged Pseudo-dragon
34)                    A three-headed hag (old, older, oldest) (ugly, uglier, ugliest)
35)                    A fungus of fanged shriekers
36)                    A choir of possessed angels that repeat everything the villain says, in song
37)                    A troll with no arms that can’t regenerate
38)                    An armoured tiger
39)                    A cannibal shaman
40)                    Any were-creature
41)                    A face dancer
42)                    A troupe of psychopathic mimes
43)                    A murder of serial killers
44)                    A miniature T-Rex
45)                    A djinn of the fire lands
46)                    A three-headed war-dog, on a leash made from chainmail
47)                    A drug addicted moth man
48)                    A neurotic star-whore
49)                    A single Vampire
50)                    A writhing parcel of vermin
51)                    A phlegm Golem
52)                    An un-dead sacrificial lamb
53)                    A leprous Lizardman
54)                    A walking cactus man
55)                    An Invisible Stalker
56)                    A black panther
57)                    A Minotaur
58)                    A quiver of Quasits
59)                    Three Ogre Magi from the East
60)                    A pool of Shadows

Calling Card/Trademark signature/how you know you missed them when you were out

1)                        A pool of blood
2)                        A severed penis nailed to your door
3)                        A black rose on your pillow
4)                        An apple core
5)                        A sand-timer that’s still flowing
6)                        A handful of teeth on the floor
7)                        A freshly boiled and whitened skull
8)                        A hand-carved jade pawn
9)                        A Tarot Card
10)                    The jawbone of an ass
11)                    A bloody blade with hairs sticking to the blade
12)                    A hang-mans noose
13)                    A burning black candle
14)                    An axe embedded in the door
15)                    A persons head in your bed
16)                    A floating robe gesticulating out the window
17)                    Your place of residence/rent/ is trashed
18)                    The Ace of Spades
19)                    A dead bird
20)                     A carved pumpkin
21)                    A wasps nest
22)                    Scrimshaw
23)                    A wooden stake
24)                    A pound of flesh
25)                    A letter ( which would be the obvious choice really, but not as much fun as the                             others)
26)                    monocle
27)                    A severed head
28)                    Thirty pieces of copper
29)                    A dead rat and a string to swing it with
30)                    A small flower from the highest slopes of Mount (insert something sinister here)

Visible Marks/Identifying/curious markings/ what sets them apart/ roll one or two and tweak for variety

1)                        Eyes i.e. one red eye, one blue eye?
2)                        Tongue i.e. A tongue like a snake  ?          
3)                        Character i.e. A shady disposition?
4)                        Scars i.e. from knave to chop?
5)                        Limbs i.e. an extra digit?
6)                        Hair i.e. doesn’t have, has too much, strange colour, compostion is muscle?                                         Seaweed?


1)                        Foppish
2)                        Regal
3)                        Gallant
4)                        Slumming it
5)                        So last season
6)                        Ready for war
7)                        Ready for bed
8)                        Studious
9)                        Slovenly
10)                      Stylish

Interests/ how they make their money

1)                        Prostitution
2)                        Drug Smuggling
3)                        Arms Trader
4)                        Slaver
5)                        Illegal Alcohol
6)                        Gambling
7)                        Money Lending
8)                        Robbery
9)                        Extortion
10)                    Protection Racket
11)                    Fake Religion
12)                    Exotic Animal Trading

Kryptonite/ weaknesses/ what they fear/ what hits them where it hurts

1)                        Salt
2)                        Roses
3)                        Silver
4)                        Wolfs bane
5)                        A witches toenails
6)                        Moonlight
7)                        The eyes of a dead man
8)                        A diamond dagger
9)                        Water
10)                    Whistling
11)                    A Cauldron of cold iron
12)                    A man not of woman born
13)                    Holy Water
14)                    A woman not of man born
15)                    Quicksilver
16)                    Holy Ground
17)                    Running Water
18)                    Sunlight
19)                    Aurora Borealis
20)                    Ink
21)                    Semi-Precious Gems
22)                    Malachite
23)                    Horn
24)                    Feathers
25)                    An Elephant’s eyelash
26)                    Snakeskin
27)                    Mirrors
28)                    Stardust
29)                    Their real name
30)                    Garlic

What they are famous for/ how they made their bones/street cred/

1)                        Turning people into pillars of salt
2)                        Patricide
3)                        Matricide
4)                        Deicide
5)                        Infanticide
6)                        Killing  the first born
7)                        Decimation
8)                        Torture
9)                        Genocide
10)                    Wholesale slaughter/massacres

Steeds and modes of Transportation/ how they get around/secretly or otherwise/ magical or mundane

1)                        A Palanquin
2)                        A Coffin
3)                        A Gibbet
4)                        A Covered Wagon
5)                        A Black Unicorn
6)                        A Stagecoach
7)                        In through the out door
8)                        A Summoning circle
9)                        An Un-dead Warhorse
10)                    A blood red Charger
11)                    A Black Arc
12)                    In the Arms of a Djinn
13)                    A flying carpet made from virgin skins
14)                    Standing on the shoulders of giants
15)                    On a sled behind a pack of were-wolves
16)                    Walking
17)                    The doors of perception
18)                    On the sad wings of destiny/ real or otherwise
19)                    By Camel
20)                    Dragon

 The names of their gangs/posse/crew/unit/outfit ( all taken from previous post)

1)             The Crabs
2)             The Dead Unicorns
3)             The Scarlet Sceptres
4)             The 40 Thieves
5)             The Leaking Lepers
6)             The Dripping Dogs
7)             The Undead Uglies
8)             The Rancid Rats
9)             The Crows Roads
10)         The Long-Odds
11)         The Peg Legs
12)         The Penitent Rascals
13)         The Leering Shadows
14)         The Pig Stickers
15)         The Beaten Path
16)         The Pall Bearers
17)         The Plague Rats
18)         The Swarm
19)         The Purple Tongue
20)         The Plague
21)         The Fleas of a 1000 Camels
22)         The Bashful Brawlers
23)         The Nosy Parkers
24)         The 1000 Lashes
25)         The Dungeon Dockers
26)         The Flies
27)         The Midden’s Salute
28)         The Busted Pustules
29)         The Poisoned Wells
30)         The Funeral Pyres
31)         The Pus Boys
32)         The Gutter Snipes
33)         The Stormy Seventy
34)         The Outhouse Heroes
35)         The Rotting Corpses
36)         The Phlegm Mongers
37)         The Rancid Heathens
38)         The Burning Crotches
39)         The Bad to the Bones
40)         The Yawning Abysses
41)         The Trolls Head Trawlers
42)         The Swollen Throats
43)         The Splutter Butts
44)         The Grave Diggers
45)         The Spoiled Sausages
46)         The Vipers
47)         The Lead Bit
48)         The Saddle Sore
49)         The Piss Heads
50)         The Fey
51)         The Comrades
52)         The Infected
53)         The Bloody Fists
54)         The Flaming Knots
55)         The Grinning Deaths
56)         The Dagger Kids
57)         The Smiling Savages
58)         The Killing Kind
59)         The Sewerage Barrels
60)         The Spores
61)         The Witches’ Teats
62)         The Misfortunes
63)         The Swamp Breath Bastards
64)         The Deaths Head Boys
65)         The Massacres
66)         The Spawn Singers
67)         The Flotsam and Jetsams
68)         The Spiders Web
69)         The Goats Head Stompers
70)         The Hangman’s Helpers
71)         The Pay the Pipers
72)         The Axe Man’s  Associates
73)         The Golden Bones
74)         The Gambling Nuggets
75)         The Jugglers
76)         The Rusty Crowns
77)         The Ancient Mariners
78)         The Bleeding Gashes
79)         The Rictus Rovers
80)         The Piggery Plucks
81)         The Manacled Many
82)         The Chimney Sweepers
83)         The Devils Dozen
84)         The Power Slaves
85)         The River’s Head Scoundrels
86)         The Heroes Lament
87)         The Nee’r do Wells
88)         The Ousted Brutes
89)         The Lucid Skulls
90)         The Brawny Weathers
91)         The Black Toothed Grins
92)         The Nursery Nightmares
93)         The Occult Riders
94)         The Rovers Biscuits
95)         The Rascals
96)         The Swollen Gums
97)         The Orcs Tooth Normals
98)         The Middlemen
99)         The Dwarf Hoppers
100)     The Melee
101)     The Looters
102)     The Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
103)     The Liturgies of Hate
104)     The Headless Hollows
105)     The Flickers
106)     The Lazy Eyes
107)     The Iron Rations
108)     The Doom Sayers
109)     The Infernal Volk
110)     The Freebooters
111)     The Bootstrap Boys
112)     The Fare’ thee Wells
113)     The Flailing Men
114)     The Slaughter House Five
115)     The Lesser Parts o’ Valour
116)     The Hounds o’ Hell
117)     The Beasts from the East
118)     The Giblets
119)     The Troll Booths
120)     The Beasts of Burden
121)     The Lantern Swifts
122)     The Roasted Hogs
123)     The Swaddled Runts
124)     The Buried Alives
125)     The Cracked Chapter
126)     The Wyrms
127)     The Zombies
128)     The Crooked Staffs
129)     The Blood Bath Brethren
130)     The Grudge Matches
131)     The Eyes o’ the Beholder
132)     The Bad-hat Badgers
133)     The Drunken Stupors
134)     The Hard Scrabbles
135)     The Coffin Kids
136)     The Death Dealers
137)     The Ferryman’s Few
138)     The Barbary Apes
139)     The Anarchy Eleven
140)     The Brewers Droop
141)     The Buckled Helms
142)     The Fool and his Monies
143)     The Taxmen
144)     The Fatted Calves
145)     The Chaos Elite
146)     The Sooth-Sayers
147)     To the Manor Borns
148)     The Shamans
149)     The Soliloquists
150)      The Seventh Sons of a Sevenths Son

  Also from a previous post for ease of reference/ where they call home

1.      In a monastery where the inhabitants fell to darkness and ate one another
2.      In a cave atop a mountain of skulls
3.      In a lair, under a graveyard, accessible through a disused crypt
4.      In an abandoned stone giants fortress
5.      In a series of underwater caves, accessible through the bowels of a sunken ship
6.      In an abandoned tin mine at the heart of the ashen wastes.
7.      In the desiccated remains of a gingerbread house deep in the black forest
8.      Under the bleeding roots of the world tree
9.      On the back of a giant turtle swimming through the void worlds
10.  In a ruined temple surrounded by the carven effigies of fallen gods
11.  In a cave at the heart of a malarial swamp
12.  In an abandoned red dragon’s lair amid the dragon’s bones
13.  In a ruined castle atop a cliff looking out over a storm wracked sea
14.  In an abandoned tower on the surface of the war-moon
15.  In the ribcage of a fallen god
16.  At the heart of the silent void
17.  On a chain of floating icebergs out on the sea of madness
18.  In a tiny city trapped in the tears of a falling angel
19.  Halfway down the bottomless pit, on the left, just ask for Meneer Evil
20.  In a parallel universe accessible through a witch’s eye
21.  In the hollow hills
22.  In the cold, dark, wastes on the outskirts of the known universe where the lords of suffering dwell
23.  In a tower of rotting flesh under a sky of writhing maggots
24.  In a strange world trapped within the pages of a necromancers rambling diaries
25.  On the back of the world-whale swimming in the primordial sea
26.  On a island once used as a leper colony
27.  At the bottom of a cup once used to capture the god-king’s blood
28.  In a hut at the end of the world surrounded by the ghosts of suicides
29.  In potter’s field
30.  In leaking catacombs beneath the plague pits
31.  In a jungle clearing at the top of a long, dark river, at the heart of the elephants graveyard
32.  In the bleached skull of a colossal Tyranadragon
33.  In a black crystal cave
34.  On an island made of skin floating in a sea of blood
35.  In a child’s endless scream trapped forever in the nightmare lands
36.  In an alchemists laboratory
37.  In the dried thorax of the mighty scarab beetle
38.  In a castle of broken bones on the floodplains of the apocalypse
39.  In a fifty story poisonous death’s head mushroom
40.  In a city of hardened glass beneath a lake of bile
41.  In the belly of the beast
42.  In the bottom of the crater made from the fall
43.  In the frozen wastes of the back of beyond
44.  In the eye of the hurricane
45.  In tunnels under a dormant volcano
46.  Somewhere south of here
47.  On the plains of Leng in the shade of an arch demon’s wing
48.  On a perch in the Place of skulls
49.  In an iron Fortress surrounded by fields of the fallen
50.  In a giant kraken’s shell at the bottom of the seven seas
51.  Anywhere where angels fear to tread
52.  At the heart of the blazing, towering inferno
53.  Behind the face in the mirror
54.  In a giant cave behind a waterfall of woes
55.  In a sprawling tent city made from hides of murderers on the banks of the river Alph
56.  In the valley of death
57.  At the centre of a labyrinth made from muscle
58.  In the hollowed-out centre of a giant hangman’s tree
59.  Inside the rusted body of a colossal automaton
60.  In a pyramid of fire out beyond the dune seas
61.  In the swirling hollows of storm clouds
62.  Over the edge of the horizon in the first blush of night
63.  Inside an egg floating on the memory of tomorrow
64.  At a corner table in the back room of a tavern run by vampire assassins
65.  In a secret dungeon under the ruling kings castle
66.  In a colossal wicker-man surrounded by a sea of corn guarded by a scatter of scarecrows
67.  Sitting in the black lotus position atop a red marble monolith that can only be seen out the  corner of your eye
68.  Behind a curtain of freshly flayed flesh at the heart of the eldritch emerald city
69.  In tunnels leading out from the bottom of a disused well
70.  Lying supine on the floor of an opium den run by degenerate gamblers
71.  In a dock-side hostelry for retired sailors owned by an undead pirate king
72.  In a Bedouin tent at the centre of a sandstorm
73.  In a secret cove on top of a limestone pillar hundreds of feet tall
74.  In a floating ship called the Marie Celeste
75.  In a series of interconnecting purple worm tunnels
76.  In a mined out mountain shaped like a troll’s skull
77.  In a wrecked ship, washed ashore, on the skeleton coast
78.  In an ice cavern surrounded by blizzards, giant polar bears, and undead frost giants
79.  In the tomb of a thousand liars
80.  In a fortress built in the likeness of the horned one
81.  On a floating island made from the bones of sea birds and slain albatrosses
82.  In the pleasure-dome of Kubla Khan
83.  In an observatory on the banks of the sunless sea
84.  In a dwelling made from the stalks of diseased wheat surrounded by a plague of locusts
85.  Second black hole on the right, straight on till midnight
86.  On a pile of freshly slain ogres amidst a halo of flies
87.  In a subterranean ossuary made from unicorns skulls