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19.17 Swamp

Just some of the information I am throwing together for Tenkar's Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox Setting. My Hex is located on the South West side of the isle and is primarily a swamp. Hex marks the spot at 19.17 to be precise.

 The Wreckers
On a wooded hammock (obscured by Okiep trees and Ghost Breath moss) only half a mile north from where the Inkemba River meets the sea, is the skuilplek (hideout) of the Wreckers.  On moonless nights when storms prowl the waters, they lure unsuspecting ships onto the rocks by means of false lights. They can have a foundering vessel gutted in under an hour, and be back in their skuilplek to drink, carouse, and revel, before the boat is even at the bottom of the Skerpion Trench. Besides being inveterate looters and ne’er-do-wells, they are also cannibals, who feast heartily on the flesh the boats bring.

Their god, Wraak, doing his thing.

The Wreckers have lived in this part of the swamp for generations and are a solitary people. They do not mix with the other of the inhabitants of the swamps, preferring their own company. They have no use for the gold and jewels they sometimes find in the holds of the ships either, preferring medicines, clothing, tools, weaponry, and chief among all, rot-gut spirits; and so, with no need for currency, gems, jewellery and piles of coins, they are left lying around their camp (amongst the bones of their victims) for the dogs and the children to play with.
 Their leader, Rooi Jan (Red Jan), has limited powers of creation. Once per month he can sculpt a Modder (Mud), or Dryfsand (Quicksand) Golem, using materials found just outside his front door. These Golems will follow his basic commands and will last until midnight of that evening, whereby they will collapse to the ground. (Statistics on these below.)

The Wreckers have a ceremony every seven-day, where they give thanks to their god Wrack for the bounty he bestows upon them. It is on this day that they are at their weakest because of the nature of their intoxicating worship. They imbibe the extremely hallucinatory mushroom called the ‘Ilumbo Ikhowe’ and dance with wild abandon until the sparks of their bonfires join the stars in the night sky.  There are approximately 80 tribe members at any given time. The exact split according to sex and age is up to the DM; just ensure that you have enough males to be able to put up some resistance if attacked. They utilise basic swords, clubs, cudgels and spears. They do not use bows of any kind and possess very little armour.  Their leader, Rooi Jan, has a fiendishly sharp Panga (machete) that deals (1d8 +1) that he carries with him at all times. He even sleeps with it and takes it to the toilet.

Rooi Jan has a fondness for drunkenness, and when the captured liquor runs out he resorts to brewing his own, following an old family recipe passed down from his Wrecker forefathers. The tribe call it Wit Blits (White Lightning) because it is see-through and extremely potent. Just a fifty ml measure consumed, will act as a restorative of 1d6 Hit Points. This can be done just once a day, anymore will lead to extreme drunkenness and loss of Dexterity etc. The morning after the night before will lead to severe penalties vs. Constitution... This doesn’t apply to the Wreckers though, they seem almost immune to its extreme effects, and consume gallons of the stuff when available.
The Huts (made from wattle and daub) are laid out in a circular fashion surrounding a large bonfire area where a badly banked fire burns constantly to keep away mosquitoes.  Guards are posted every night, and dogs are kept chained outside the perimeter of the village to warn against possible attack from PC’s as well as swamp creatures.

Use S&W Random Treasure generator to determine just what baubles have been left lying around. On the whole, I think the Wreckers would best be bargained with instead of assaulted. Players could possibly hire their services to take them up river if they wished. But remember that they do consume human flesh, so the PC’s might want to keep one eye open at all times. (Insert any number of cannibal jokes here.)
As mentioned earlier, Rooi Jan can create either a Modder Golem, or a Dryfsand Golem once per month and just tweak to suit your fiendish tastes. 
 I do however suggest that all bashin’ type weapons (maces- the flat of a spade etc) do slightly more damage to the Golems, and that the Dryfsand can move 12 over actual quicksand, and that it tries to drown whomever it hits successfully (possibly Save vs. Dex to avoid?)

 The Heks of Hex 19.17
A dilapidated oil field lies half an hour’s march north of the Wreckers camp.  Hundreds of years ago this area was dry and above sea level, but now the silent pumpjacks and derelict derricks rust idly in what is known as the Blighted Bog

Sea-water has mixed with the subsurface water tables forcing pockets of oil, methane gas, and tar to the surface. Old vents still remove as much of this deadly gas (methane) as possible , but occasionally, especially after particularly violent lightning storms , huge gouts of flame go tearing up many feet into the sky and burn uncontrollably for years on end.  The fauna and flora found in the Blighted Bog is twisted, deformed, and follows the left-handed path of chaos. Hybrid plants of a carnivorous nature abound, and it is here, amongst all the misshapen glory of the poisoned earth you will find the ‘Heks’, or the Triumvirate as she calls herself, as she was born with three heads: one fair, one foul, one somewhere south of heaven.

One fair, one foul, one somewhere south of heaven.
One head always tells the truth, one head always lies... and the third head tells the future.  Roll 1d4 to determine how many hours she can see ahead...but you are likely never to find out as she controls an Efreeti that she will summon to help her if anyone becomes hostile. She stores the soul of the Efreeti in a silver lantern that is buried under an old road sign for Highway 69.
The Heks lives in the trunk of a hollowed out tree and has done so for years, but if you try and engage her in conversation, it will be hard to get a word in edge-ways, as the three heads are constantly chatting. Due to the highly combustible nature of the area, she is immune to fire damage; in fact she thrives on it. If someone would deal her flame damage, she converts those potential damage points to hit points instead. Minimal Treasure to be found here, maybe some foul concoctions that turn out to have restorative powers? I will leave that for the DM to decide.

Things of interest: Oil and Tar, and lots of it. There are several tar pits dotted around her dwelling. If you were of a mind too, you could try and excavate some of them for bones. There is rumoured to be a Scaled mammoth skeleton in one of them; if found, it would be of massive interest to the Apothecaries, and Potion Wranglers of Tenkar’s Landing...not to mention it would be worth a few bob too.

 Junkyard Dogs...from Hell.
Once a junkyard but now an overgrown labyrinth of moss and vine smothered cars, it is home to a ferocious Minotaur, called Inkuazi, and his two Junkyard Hell hounds.  The walls of the labyrinth are high, many stories high, and made up of crushed cars and trucks. Obviously over time, certain sections of wall have collapsed, choking off the hundreds of pathways that criss-cross the junkyard, but for the most part they are intact and climbable, and offer a Crow’s Road peek at the rest of the swamp.

In the centre of the Junkyard Labyrinth is where Inkuazi and his hounds call home. An old water proof freight container (now a grassy cave), is their abode. Just outside the cave is the moss covered hulk of a Buick 8, which for all intents and purposes is as good as a tomb.

 If the party where to examine the car, they would find:
1)      A skeleton in the boot (trunk, whatever) of the vehicle, alongside a rotted canvas tote bag filled with bags of white powder.
2)      In the glove compartment (glove box, jockey box,, we really ARE an international community on Tenkar’s Isle) they will find a two spell books. One written by Stephen King, called ‘The Stand’, and the other being number thirteen in the ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ saga, titled ‘Reign in Blood’.
3)      In the back seat are several 8-tracks and LP’s. One being the ‘White Album’ by the Beatles, another being the ‘Black Album’ by the Nazgul. There is also a melted single of (Baby can you dig your man?)by an artist called Larry Underwood.
4)      A scroll of ‘The Washington Post’ with a headline that reads, ‘Peace in our time.’
5)      In the ignition, a set of keys attached to a white rabbit’s foot that will bless the owner with one re-roll of ANY dice per day.
6)      And a map of what the isle used to look like, hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

The Minotaur patrols the Labyrinth with his two hounds. The bleached skulls of trespassers are left in a pile outside the entrance to the labyrinth in the vain hope that it will dissuade people from entering.  There is a warp here, in the junkyard, a warp in the weft between the worlds, and this splinter in one of the cosmic eyes, allows the hounds to operate in this demesne and not be confined to the lower guts of hell.

   The Minotaur has trapped the Labyrinth extensively. Tripwires are attached to huge piles of teetering cars, and deep pit traps, (filled with spikes and other metallic detritus) litter the pathways. A huge magnet, once used to raise vehicles off the ground hangs at the exit of the labyrinth.  This may cause players to be pulled upward, depending on how much metal you have on you. Sheathed swords and daggers will be the first to go, and if you are wearing chain, or plate mail...well, you’d best get used to hanging around. The Minotaur will use his knowledge of the Labyrinth to his advantage, leading people into dead-ends or areas that are heavily trapped. Once the party are stuck between a dead-end and a trap, he will release the hounds and fight alongside them to rid his precious Labyrinth of invaders.

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