Monday, 25 May 2015

It came out of the sky! d20 What's in the smoking crater

“Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline.
Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn't believe what he seen.
Laid on the ground and shook, fearin' for his life.
Then he ran all the way to town screamin' "it came out of the sky!"

1)      Starchild: A small crystalline structure containing a crying baby. The baby is not the prize here, the crystal container is. It will grow exponentially over the next 2d6 days reaching a height of approximately 12ft. Eight limbed and gifted in psionic warfare, the Star Child harnesses the power of the stars and worships a Black Hole Sun called, Void. Star Child is immune to non-magical weapons, electrical, fire or charm offensives. Star Child’s powers are stronger at night than during the day. Star Child can cast shield to a range of 20ft around him, all party members inside the radius gain the protective capabilities. It disperses large amounts of static and white noise as its primary weapons, dealing 1d12 and deafening anyone caught in the blast range. If an enemy is hit, and the DM rolls a natural 12 for damage, the enemy target rolls a Save vs. Spells at a -3, if failed, the enemy is rooted to the spot while their mind melts and pours out their ears.
2)      Egg:  A large egg appears from out of the smoke. The egg will need to be kept warm if they want it to hatch. Wrapping the egg up in blankets and cloaks will help, but they will need to hold it, hug it, or sleep with it in their bedroll as body heat is the best for it. If done successfully, the egg will hatch in one week. The first person to touch the little one when it hatches gets imprinted on, and becomes the creature’s protector. Roll d6 to determine what it is. 1-drake 2-flame crocodile 3-giant rooster 4-flying turtle 5-necro-ostrich 6- terrible lizard. 7-roc 8-Grieffon
3)      Mood Slime: A large ungues pool of shiny, silken slime, which ripples and flows and changes colours every few seconds. The colours projected will mimic the mood of the party. Purple- A sense of drive and clarity. Dark Blue-Romance. Blue-Happy and fun-filled. Green- Someone in the party hates your guts and wants to eat your face, or, it means you are remarkably calm. Yellow- Someone wants to poison you and watch you die in convulsions at their feet, or, you are feeling creative. Green-Blue- Alert but relaxed, or, one of you are possessed by a 10 000 year old demon who is just waiting for the right time to show itself. Red- Anger and frustration, or, one of you are about to spontaneously combust. Black- Sad. White- Bored. Brown-Nervousness and uncertainty. Pink- Arousal. You may decant the slime into bottles.
4)      Heil stone: A large stone of red, white, and black that radiates pure evil. You are overcome by a sense of foreboding. You taste copper pennies in your mouth, and a feeling like chewing tin-foil. The rock must be destroyed before it is allowed to spread its malignancy in your realm. You feel drawn to salute it and call it honorific names. It may be turned by a cleric, treat as a Wight, and must be turned every hour, on the hour, to keep the aura at bay. A large silver pick-axe must be used to break it up if you want to destroy it. Use whatever is nearby to crush it into powder, then discard powder in open water. If none of this is done, the players will start the gradual decline into madness and chaos, even though they might not be anywhere near the Heil Stone.
5)      Fell Book: An iron-bound book, wrapped in bronze chains and covered in glowing sigils of demonspeak that is glowing and impossible to touch. When it is finally cooled (1d4 days) you may attempt to open it. If Detect Magic is cast, the book will open and the pages will flick back and forth stopping at one particular page. A low moan will emanate from the book, as well as the faint screams of the dammed. The vellum will bend and stretch and pull, as something tries to escape from beneath the page.  If anyone is fool enough to read what is written there, they will be banished to inside the book, a sort of planar hell; and as well know, one day in hell is an eternity… What was trapped inside the book will now be free, and will attack on site. It is for all intents and purposes a Bone Demon. If they want to free their friend, then someone else must read the page for them to be released.
6)      Orb: The Orb of Impending Doom. It looks like any type of Orb used for Divination. It can only be used by a Mage. If they sit in complete silence for an hour every morning, they might see what may befall them that day (Save vs. Magic). If they pass their roll, then let the player handle exactly half of all the wandering monster rolls you the DM would make for the day, then let them roll to see what type of monster it is, if the dice are rolled successfully. They will see the party engaged in fighting the creatures but not know when or where, only that sometime in the next 24 hours they will be a fighting something they have rolled for. The Mage will not be able to see what you have rolled for the remainder of the wandering monsters; that still remains a mystery.
7)      Debris: Silvery material scattered around the crater. It is not metallic as such, but of a metallic nature. Almost like a weather balloon… When gathered together it weighs about 4 pounds all-in-all. It could be sold to a tinkerer or an alchemist for roughly 3000 gp. If used to bind wounds however, it will add an additional 1d4 hp to the wounded player, but not take them over their hp limit.
8)      Helmet: The Helmet of the U.S.S.R. A strange looking helmet made from a hard substance with a see-through visor in front. Written on the side of the helmet are the letters U.S.S.R, beneath a Hammer and Sickle symbol. If anyone puts this helmet on, they will age prematurely by 2d20 years. If the helmet is kept on at all times then the curse is held at bay. If not, considered the player aged and reduce player’s stats accordingly. However, it does allow the wearer to negate all gas attacks if the visor is down. The Curse can only be broken by the Bishop of Barton Wells, who charges at least 15000 gp to do so. The helmet cannot be destroyed by any means known to those of the realm.
9)      Hammer: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. When wielded (for the first two months) it works as a normal +2 weapon. However, after that, it will begin to leech all enchantments from the entire group, little by little. So someone’s sword of +2 will suddenly become +1, then zero. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer will drain only one item at a time so as not to draw suspicion to itself. Once it has depleted everything in the entire party, it will disappear. The enchantments will not return once the hammer has gone.
10)   Ball: A red ball about the same size and heft as a cricket ball. When thrown, it has a range of 80ft, and will return to the owners hand as a boomerang does. Treat the ball as +1 to hit and +1 to wound (same base damage as a sling stone). If the ball hits a creature for the first time, the creature must roll 1d6. A roll of one indicates surprise, even if the creature is not. There is then a 25% chance said creature may drop their weapon. This special ‘surprise’ ability can only be used for one over, per day (an over is six throws).
11)   Question mark: A large stone question mark that will answer one question per day. You must be touching the stone to get your answer and it will drain exactly one level from your character. So, as the adage goes, “do you really want to know the answer?”
12)   Crash Site:  A huge debris field. Strange bits of metal and glowing lights. There are several dead bi-pedal life forms with enormous smooth heads and gigantic eyes. Their skin is grey, smooth, and wet to the touch. If the creatures are cut open, you will find their blood is green and acidic and will do 1d6 dmg to whomever is doing the cutting (if they fail to take precaution). The organs contained within are similar to what may be found in any bovine creature. Any of the characters who have an agrarian/abattoir/butchery background will recognise this as such. The exception is the two hearts and the stomach contents.  The hearts are unusually large and have an extra set of valves attached. The multiple stomachs are filled with several stages of decomposing worm. In the first stomach, the worms are blue in colour and surprisingly undamaged as if they had been swallowed whole.  They become more broken down as the stomachs go on. Finally, in the last stomach, they are just blue mush. If any stage of the worm is eaten, Save vs. Poison. If failed, they will take 2d6 damage and spend 1d4 days vomiting. If passed they will suffer from a mutated form of lycanthropy, whereby once a month they will morph into one of the dead creatures. While in that state, they forgo all clothing, weaponry, and sustenance. Instead, they will roam the countryside experimenting on human or animal life, (by cutting them open with their elongated fingernails and examining the entrails) and taking copious amounts of notes and sketches of the night sky.
13)   Trojan elephant: A cracked wooden elephant, broken open and in pieces. The crater is littered with the bodies of dead clowns. If anyone disturbs the bodies, they will animate. Treat them as Zombies but not as slow. They cannot be turned. Roll 2d20 for number appearing. They do 1d6 bite damage, Save vs. Poison or collapse into paroxysm of mirth for 1d4 rounds. During this time you will not be able to do anything except shield yourself or try and block any attacks. If the clowns get close enough, they will spray jets of corrosive acid on you from the flowers on their lapels. Range is 8ft and the acid does 1d6 and will destroy metal. They can be killed normally but what drops them instantly is if you tweak their red noses.
14)   Lightning in a bottle: A small lead-lined bottle. Touching it causes the hair on your body to stand up straight. If the bottle is opened, a fork of lightning will blast forth. It will be a ½ ft in width and stretch up to 30ft. It will do 1d8 damage per level of the wielder. Anyone can use this bottle. It has enough power stored for 6 uses then it is drained completely. To fill it again, it must be left out during a storm and hit by a bolt from above. Treat the periphery damage of the lightning as you would a lightning bolt spell. I.e. melting base metals etc. 
15)   Fish: Hundreds of tiny, wriggling, silver fish, about the size of a fully grown sardine. However, several are of a different colour. If swallowed whole they will have the following effect on you: Red-Fire Resistance. White-Invisibility. Blue-Water Breathing. Green-Plant Control. Yellow- Polymorph (self). Black-Healing. Indigo-Growth. Violet-Poison (save or die). Treat duration as per applicable potions. Fish can be eaten at a later date, but after two weeks they become ineffective and will give the character a serious case of the goblins.
16)   A large block of blue ice: The longer it is left there the smellier the crater becomes, eventually summoning flies etc. However, it appears as if there may be small bags/pellets trapped in the ice. You can wait for it thaw and retrieve them from what is evidently excrement. There are 2d6 pellets, each one about the size of a small stone. When opened there is a white powder inside. If examined by any apothecary they will identify it immediately as a powerful stimulant that if used, should be used with great caution. If one entire pellet is ingested, -5 from every stat and increase HP by 1d8. If another is ingested, death will follow. Worth 850gp per pellet.
17)    Small Pyramid: Wooden, about 3ft high. Food stored beneath the pyramid will stay fresher and last longer. Also, if you place a dagger under it for one month it will gain a +1 to damage only. The powering of the dagger will deplete the pyramid until its power can be restored. To bring it back to its full potential, place a severed mummy’s hands, head and feet beneath it and leave for 21 days. This Pyramid can only enchant a non-magical weapon to +1, if you place a +1 it will not become a +2.
18)   Silver Surfboard:  The power-word needed to use this board is up to the DM. But if learned, the board will rise to meet the new owner, and when the individual gets on it, they will be able to fly at approximately 55mph. It can climb, and dive, to an angle of 45%. The board will be able to fly once per day for a duration of one hour. It can carry a collective weight of 250 pounds, but only one person may be on it.
19)   Anchor: A huge metal anchor, fully 8ft across and 18ft high. The metal is dull and scratched like lead. There are no signs of rust or crustacean life on its surface. A gently swaying chain rises all the way from the anchor up into the sky. The sky is cloudy and hides whatever is attached to the anchor. The only evidence that something is there, is the movement of the chain, as well as powerful blasts of coloured light- and sound- that come from above the glowing clouds. The lights are primary in colour, and change every four to five seconds, accompanied by deep growling baritones, or high pitched arpeggios. A thief may climb the chain with relative ease, anyone else will have to roll for success.

20)   Giant Droid: Bits of metallic body and limbs are strewn around the hole. There is a maker’s mark on the trunk of the body with the number ‘068’ stamped on it. There is also a keypad on the side of the detached head. If the number is entered on the keypad, a loud whirring noise is heard followed by a grating noise that will increase in pitch until it explodes sending shrapnel spraying for 20ft in all directions. If hit, it does 3d20 damage. If a player gets too close to the arms of the droids, the limbs will try and grab them. If successful, they will inflict 1d8+2 crushing damage to the trapped limb per round until destroyed. Among the droid bits-and-bobs, the springs and the gyros, is the crumpled body of the pilot. The crash/fall has mangled the body beyond recognition. However, there is a chained briefcase attached to the right wrist of the pilot. The briefcase is trapped with a toxic nerve-gas that will kill anyone unluckily enough to fail their save. The case is locked and can only be picked by a 10th level thief or higher. No amount of blunt force / arcane trauma will open the case. If the case is eventually opened, a series of curious maps and scrolls are found within. A successful read language spell will allow the caster to read what is written there. 1- Secret plans for an alien invasion (proposed landing sites, strength of army, and tactics) 2- Location of another Giant Droid they were sent to reclaim. 3- The location of a high-grade diamond funnel 4- Secret correspondence between two people of obvious importance and a King of the realm in which you are playing. As soon as the case is opened, it sends a distress signal back to the mother ship that will infiltrate low-key resources to retrieve the case, and the contents.

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