Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Gencon Ho!

“Right. Right. Well, if you do see a flying UFO, these government men come and tell you off,” said Adam, getting back into his stride. “In a big black car. It happens all the time in America.”    The Them nodded sagely. Of this at least they had no doubt. America was, to them, the place that good people went to when they died. They were prepared to believe that just about anything could happen in America.              Good Omens.

Tickets booked. Accommodation sorted. Visa granted. Gencon/America, here I come. It'll be a first for me on two fronts because I have never been to either. I will be at the Bushido booth for most of the show, demoing rules/ talking fiction/ and discussing Rise of the Kage, ( a board-game about Ninjas, stealth, and limited time to fulfill your sneaky missions) that GCT Studios Kick-Started last year. I worked on the rules for them. So, I am hoping to fill my evenings with games and good times. What to expect? Not sure, really. I have wanted to see America since I was a lad watching Disney programs  on a Sunday night before bed. The moment I saw the logo was bittersweet because I would always think, wow, that castle is real you's in America. And then I'd feel sad because I realised I had school in the morning. And as for Gencon, well, I have wanted to go since I saw the advert in the back of the AD&D DM's book. Once the convention is over I have a few days to kill. In all fairness, I can't really imagine that there's a hell-of-a-lot to see in Indianapolis (hey, maybe I am wrong?) so I am thinking of missioning up to Lake Geneva to see what I can see, and then off to LA for a few days.

I have my purchase wishlist ready, and I have to be careful because of the exchange rate. As it stands, one USD gets you twelve ZAR ( South African Rand), OUCH! It hurts precious, it hurts! So I am limiting myself to a copy of the Original D&D Whitebox set, a set of DCC dice, and hopefully a copy of Outdoor Survival. Boring I know, but hey, I have wanted this stuff forever! I am sure there will be other impulse purchases ( who needs food?) along the way. So, yeah, swing on past, we can chew the fat, and hopefully roll some dice together while making funny voices.

“Do you know,” he said, “my cousin said that in America there's shops that sell thirty-nine different flavours of ice cream?”
    This even silenced Adam, briefly.
    “There aren't thirty-nine flavours of ice cream,” said Pepper. “There aren't thirty-nine flavours in the whole world.”
    “There could be, if you mixed them up,” said Wensleydale, blinking owlishly. “You know. Strawberry and chocolate. Chocolate and vanilla.” He sought for more English flavours. “Strawberry and vanilla and chocolate,” he added, lamely.        Good Omens.

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