Thursday, 12 November 2015

Beard Magic: All beards are magical but some are more magical than others

Beard of Holding
Allows the bearded to store roughly one kg worth of goods in their beard. Handy for keeping jewels or gold safe from the beady eyes of pickpockets and the like, hell, you could even store a sneaky dagger in there as no one ever expects the old, ‘blade in the boot’ trick anymore, do they?

Beard of Belonging
Never feel a stranger, always feel a friend. This handy beard allows you to blend in to the local surroundings without sticking out like a sore thumb. Watch as the local militia just pass you by and hassle your friends instead. Look like a local wherever you are, even if they don’t wear beards.

Beard of Burning
Get your flame on! Light those whiskers lads, and send those monsters running. The burning beard does no damage what-so-ever to anyone, but it works great as an intimidation technique. Can be used twice a day and burns for 6 rounds. The colour of its flame is up to the user. The creatures must save vs spells or flee for 1d4 rounds. If they pass though, they fight at a -1 as they are totally in awe of your awesome beardage. Can double as a light source in a pinch, and illuminates in a radius of 20ft.

Beard of Direction
Never get lost again. This sort of beard remembers just where you have been, and when asked, will tug you the way you need to go. Especially handy when you spend a lot of time in the dark, grubbing for coin by the light of lanterns and such.

Beard of the Underground
Makes the bearded gain dwarven special abilities, such as being able to tell when the floor begins to slope, or when the stonework differs from one another. Also, it helps you detect secret doors on a 1 or 2, on a d6. Can also detect pockets of poisonous gas. It allows the wearer to tunnel an extra 1d4 +1 feet per turn (in soft material only)

Beard of the Woodland
A haven for the birds and beasts that come to you and tell you all the tales of the forests…like that sneaky band of orcs waiting over the rise, that are just waiting to ambush you, and liberate you of your coin and your lives.

Beard of the Lumberjack
Gain a +1 to damage when using an axe in combat. Allows you to navigate deadfalls with ease, and tells you when any evil treants are nearby. You gain a plus one to hit and damage when battling these tree creatures and it allows you to speak their language. Haroom!

Beard of Changing
Long and bushy one moment, short and cropped the next. Yup, it’s up to you. Change it up as you want to. Handy when you don’t match the description they have of you, eh?

Beard of Command
Your facial fuzz puts you in charge! In combat, those around you (friends only) are blessed by your sheer bearded, bristling, awesomeness, that they gain a plus one to hit for the duration of the fight. Can be used twice a day.

Beard of Climbing
Rapunzel has nothing on you! Make your beard grow and follow simple commands, just like a rope of climbing. It can take up to 100kgs in weight and lasts for one turn. Can reach a length of 30ft in total.

Beard of Deflection
Tired of taking arrows to the face? Well, no more! Anyone firing missile weapons at you does so at a minus two as the beard will reach out and deflect them from hitting you. Only works when the archer is directly in front of you, not from the sides or from behind.

Beard of Hypnotising
Anyone can be hypnotised by your befollicled, bad-ass beauty; Save vs Spells or be charmed, just like the spell. Look into my beard…

Beard of Gaseous Protection
Poisonous gas away! Gain a plus two to your ‘Poisonous Gas ‘saves, as your ‘tache plugs your nostrils, and your beard guards your mouth.

Beard of Thoughtfulness
Stroking your beard not only makes you like a deep thinker, but you gain a +2 to your Intelligence rolls when you do so. Sadly it doesn’t work all the time, only thrice a day, but you can still look sagely while doing it anyway!

Beard of the Seven Seas
Look the part of an ancient mariner only without the albatross weighing you down. The beard gives you a weather eye and allows you to predict the weather two days in advance. It also allows you to navigate large bodies of water with ease and use most watercraft without penalty.


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