Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fortune Tellers. I see a bad moon rising...

“I see a bad moon rising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today."

Creedence Clearwater Revival

“I went to the fortune teller
To get my fortune told
But the fortune teller told me
Son, you ain’t gotta soul.
Didn’t know how to take that
Just wanted my fortune read
Tried not to believe her
As she told me I'd be dead…”


Types of Fortune Tellers (d20)
1. High Priestess
2. High Priest
3. Itinerant Gypsy
4. Shaman
5. Witch
6. Eunuch
7. Wild- eyed prophet
8. Madman
9. Sangoma
10. Monk
11. A small child
12. A talking animal of the feline or reptilian persuasion
13. A spectre
14. A village elder
15. A village idiot
16. Hag
17. Loon
18. Scarecrow
19. Harlequin
20. Mirrorman

Fortune telling devices (d30)
1. Bones/skulls of birds, rats and mice
2. Cat’s paw and chicken feet
3. Seeds, twigs, pine cones and pine needles
4. Strips of cloth, assorted coins, pocket comb, brass key and a misshapen pearl
5. Howling at the moon/ or phantom knocks on the table
6. Tea leaves
7. Urinating on the floor
8. Entrails of a small animal
9. Entrails of a large animal
10. Buttons, needles, and rag dolls
11. Tresses, teeth, dried eyeballs, and birds eggs
12. Bulls balls, pigs tails, headless squirrels, and a jar of flies
13. A crystal ball
14. A mirror
15. A bowl of smoke/water/tears/milk/ blood or frogspawn
16. A tray of sand/fire/smouldering coals
17. A dead rat and a string to swing it with
18. A lit purple candle with a green flame
19. A human skull and listening to your dreams
20. A deck of cards
21. A Ouija board
22. Staring into your eyes/ or using the third eye in the middle of their forehead
23. The palms of your hands
24. Examining your tongue, teeth and lips
25. Feeling your skull
26. A book, bell, and candle
27. Knucklebones/ Rune stones
28. Assorted dice of various shapes
29. A ring ,dangling from a chain
30. Several pieces of knotted string

The Fortune teller’s familiar (d10)
1. A winged snake
2. A drug addled imp
3. A small dark cloud
4. A shaved baboon
5. A scaly parrot
6. A frog, a snail, and a puppy dog’s tail
7. A two headed cat
8. A suckling pig
9. A mummy’s head
10. A severed hand

Where the Fortune teller plies their trade (d20)
1. Temple
2. Street corner
3. At the back table of a tavern
4. Under a bridge
5. In a tent on the outskirts of town
6. In a pumpkin patch
7. Down at the docks/market place/gambling den
8. A private residence down a dodgy side street
9. Under a willow tree
10. In a gibbet/cage at the crossroads
11. Under the gallows
12. In a dank cave
13. Up a tree
14. At the travelling fair
15. In a tower
16. In the centre of a crop circle
17. On top of a huge boulder shaped like a d6
18. In a sepulchre
19. In the back of a covered wagon
20. Around the burning effigy of a local politician/miscreant/hero

What the Fortune teller demands in payment (d10)
1. Crossing their palm with silver
2. An act of revenge
3. An act of heroism
4. A worthy task
5. Retrieval of a family heirloom
6. A pint of blood
7. An act of kindness
8. One week’s servitude
9. An item that means a lot to you
10. A body part from a mythical and hard to catch creature (white stag, black unicorn, lightning bird etc.)

What the Fortune tellers called (d10) roll twice. Column one then column two
Column One
1. Zoltan
2. Marvell
3. Rubella
4. Nastran
5. Mysterium
6. Arcanum
7. Zingara
8. Drabardi
9. Facculus
10. Tempest
Column Two
1. The Astonishing
2. The Amazing
3. The Incredible
4. The Prophetic
5. The Magnificent
6. The Unquestionable
7. The Believable
8. The Unmistakable
9. The Accurate
10. The Truthsayer

Fortunes (d20)
1. Death. It surrounds you like a blanket.
2. Great riches. Gold and gems await you.
3. Betrayal. One close to you would do you harm.
4. Danger. Under the earth, in the dark, it waits for you.
5. Good fortune. Fortune favours the brave.
6. Poison. Beware what you consume and who you get it from.
7. Ill-luck. Misfortune awaits you, this very evening.
8. Clichéd. A tall, dark, stranger.
9. Romance. You will meet the person of your dreams.
10. Punishment. Your past is catching up with you.
11. Sibling. A long lost sibling is seeking out for you.
12. A message from beyond. One who has departed recently, has a message for you (roll again)
13. Falling. I see you falling, and being swallowed by a hole in the ground.
14. Water. Stay away from open water of any sort.
15. Destiny. Continue on this path, it is surely your destiny.
16. Success. You are nearly there, do not falter.
17. Cursed. Your actions have displeased the gods and they have laid their curse upon thee. But, for a few gold pieces more, I can most certainly lift that from you…
18. Blessed. The holy hosts smile down upon you, and flights of angels carry your woes.
19. Quit. Give it up, this life of adventure is not for you. Return home, while you still can.
20. Tenacity. I see you laughing and spitting in the face of destiny.

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