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Quirky Characters for Hire. Mercenary Group. The Midnight Ramblers...

 “I was there you know; Kith took a bad one, straight across the chest. Ogre cut through his armour like it was nuthin’. Blood was pouring something fierce. So, the Cleric in me wants to run up and help ‘im, you know? But nah, he fixes me with that death’s head stare of his, and says, ‘Back off, mate... let it bleed.’”
-          Wee-Tam, the Half-Inching Priest

Let’s get one thing straight. If you hire the Midnight Ramblers, they work with you, not for you. In fact, they’re best left to do their own thing actually, and to just bring you what it is you’re looking for.
And what is that exactly? What exactly are you looking for?
These ‘aint no Torch Bearers, my son... nah, these are the gents who get things got, if you catch my drift. Kill a King? Look no further. Family heirloom got itself disappeared? Got a drop on a tomb or a temple that needs a bit of lightening? A Dungeon that needs crawling? An artifact that needs acquiring? Not a problem, just brook discussion with the Boroughs most notorious mercenary group and hand over the dosh.
They might look like untrustworthy miscreants of the highest order, but a deal’s a deal and they’ll bring you the goods, or die trying. But who are they exactly?

The Midnight Ramblers, at rest. Art by Rodney Matthews
Maik Jaeger
Please allow me to introduce this adventurer; he’s a man of wealth, and taste. Urbane, refined, knowledgeable on any number of interesting subjects, he’s the leader, the number one, glib of lip and tongue this one, a ladies’ man through and through; voice like an angel, so it’s told.
His skills lie in oration, he’s charming, spellbinding, in fact, that’s his thing, ‘Charm Person’. He has a ring that allows him to do it almost at will, plus, his Charisma is through the roof. He wears no armour as he prefers to keep it casual. He is a high level Bard to trade, of at least Cli status, if not higher. He carries a magical harp made from the skull of a Demon that allows him to haste four times per day. While in haste mode, he is nearly impossible to hit, count him as AC Plate as he moves and shifts gracefully around his enemies. He wields a Dagger of D’eth that strikes, and wounds at a +4. He carries the usual adventuring equipment when on the road, but is dressed almost, foppishly, when back in town.
His weakness is for women, clothing, and expensive art, but other than that he is a solid and dependable adventurer that will ensure that his band of merry pranksters get the job done.

Kith Reichardts
What can be said about this man that hasn’t been said before? He too is a Bard -a Mandolin-Slinger- that adventures where angels fear to tread. A notorious drug taker who has consumed every drug in the known universe (and more than a few that aren’t) and because of this, he is impossible to poison. Consider him to always pass a Save Vs Poison. He is always drunk, but never in a state that might affect the rest of the group, nor his fighting or playing style. His mandolin is a Canaith Fender Mandolin (pg 148 1st Edition AD&D DMG) that has the following extra abilities: it has control winds, as well as being able to cast fairie fire on all creatures that attack the group. He wields a long sword +3 vs. Undead and has leather armour +2. He seldom carries more in his backpack than his drug paraphernalia and his wine skins, but on occasion is known to possess a rope, blanket, and a few bags for carrying treasure. Don’t let this laconic, inebriated, lifestyle fool you, Kith is an excellent fighter with a high strength, and dexterity, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the best.

Kh’Arlie WuAtz a.k.a ‘Bird’
No one knows where this brooding warrior hails from, but his silence speaks volumes. Giving a curt nod of the head now and again lets people know what he wants done, and how he wants it done. Just because he rarely speaks, you would be a fool to think that he has nothing to say. He is the backbone of this group. Stalwart in its defence when in a fight, his blade flashes and sings faster than the eye can even see. He wields a Luck Blade of +2 with six wishes attached, as well as getting a +2 to all Saving Throws. Clad in +2 Chainmail, Kh’Arlie is able to go four/two attacks in combat. He carries regular adventuring equipment, but in the group he is known as the map-man, with cartography covering most of the known world. Quiet, and studious, he spends his evenings poring over his maps, and playing kettledrums he fashioned himself, from the hollowed out skulls of the Monroe brothers, a pair of nee’r-do-well Hill Giants who burnt one farm too many to the ground. Now they act like drums of deafness under Kh’Arlie’s loving caress.

Billy VanWyman
The oldest of the group, he just like to put his feet up, swig some ale, and smoke his pipe after a hard day down in the dungeons. A ranger by trade, Billy has travelled the realms from north to south, and all points in-between. There aren’t many places he hasn’t been, and those he’s skipped, well, they’re just not worth seeing, anyway. Billy considers himself a top-notch lore-master and giant killer. When above the ground, Billy is front, while the rest of the Ramblers follow his lead. No slouch in a fight either, Billy wields a long sword of +1/+3 vs. Giants. He’s also a dab hand at foraging and laying snares, making sure the Ramblers never go hungry. At night, around the campfire, Billy plays the whoremonica and a beautiful, hand-crafted, four stringed lute, that was a birthday gift from the rest of the Ramblers. When Billy is in the group, the Ramblers cannot ever be surprised.

R’ron Woed a.k.a ‘Woody’
The newest edition to the Ramblers, Woody replaced a fallen comrade who had tripped just one trap too many. He has the fastest hands in the realm does Woody. He’ll have your pockets picked before you could say ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’ A master thief, Woody is responsible for some of the biggest capers the Boroughs have ever known (and a few that aren’t *wink*wink) and this has garnered him the reputation of one of the greatest thieves of his time. He is closest to Kith in the group, likes a drink or ten as well, but he is solid and dependable. He also possesses Daern’s Instant Fortress that he deploys when the going gets a little tougher than expected. Woody tuned down life as Guild Master for a life on the road, but has serious swag with most, if not all of the Guilds in the Boroughs. He is an expert climber, lock-picker, back-stabber, and an all-round felonious thief! He carries the standard adventuring kit, portable hole, bag of holding, rope of climbing, and wields Dancing Daggers of +2, one in each hand.

Group Special Abilities/Rates
Sympathies from the Devil
Due to some, shall we say, sensitive work for an Arch Duke of Hell, the Midnight Ramblers are incredibly hard to kill. When a Rambler is taken to below 0 hit points he collapses for 1d3 turns then arises again at full HP’s. This happens until the Arch Duke has paid his debt in full, after that? Who knows...?
Beasts of Burden
They can carry double the normal weight before becoming encumbered.
They work quick, clean, fast and quiet. What more could you ask for? But they ‘aint cheap... 50 gold per person per day, and you have to hire all the Ramblers. They also take a split of the treasure but those terms you can discuss with Jaeger. Rest assured, if you have hired the Ramblers, I can guarantee satisfaction.

Next Target...
The Time Spire of the fell Mage, Tempus-Fugitus Rex. After this gig they’ll be back at the Voodoo lounge and available for hire. look for the sign on the wall outside to tell you their available. Gaping mouth, huge lips, extended tongue.

Midnight Ramblers. Open for Business. Working with them is a gas!Gas!Gas!

 Testimonials and Scuttlebutt

“They ‘aint cheap that’s for sure; and if their on your tail, ‘aint nobody gonna give you shelter...”
-          Kirk the Nameless
“Tomb rooting, ripping, or raiding, this is the crew you need, hands down. No one out there has sticky fingers like this lot. Worth every gold coin I spent. Satisfaction, guaranteed! ”
-          Mefrou Trien

“Anarchy, chaos, they have it in spades this gang... and if you want violent, palace type revolution? To kill the King and rail at all his servants? Well, look no further, mate; there’s a place for these street fighting men called the Midnight Ramblers.”
-Bark, the Usurper

“I was there you know; Kith took a bad one, straight across the chest. Ogre cut through his armour like it was nuthin’. Blood was pouring something fierce. So, the Cleric in me wants to run up and help ‘im, you know? But nah, he fixes me with that death’s head stare of his, and says, ‘Back off, mate... let it bleed.’”

Wee-Tam, the Half-Inching Priest

“It’s not all raiding, killing, bounty hunting and lawlessness with them, you know. Why, just last week they were down here with us, throwing the biggest party you’ve ever seen! Called the Beggars Banquet it is. Happens once every fortnight, hearts of gold that crew...bless ‘em!”
Lurk, the Beggar/Leper/Down on his Lucker

“I once asked Jaeger what colour I should paint the tavern door. Well, he just sort of sneered at me, and said, ‘Paint it black, man. What else?’ I felt like a bit of fool for considering anything else actually...”
-          Neap, owner of the Public House, ‘The Voodoo Lounge’. Home from home of the Midnight Ramblers.



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