Monday, 5 January 2015

What's Painted on a Cave Wall

Mysterious lizards...alien for health restoration, and beer. All these and more can be found painted on a cave wall. d30 Table.

1.  Neolithic Art depicting a group of hunters chasing down a herd of two-headed Mastodons
2. A primitive yet factually correct star chart that shows the ways between the worlds
3. A ‘ Create Fire’ spell, one of the earliest recorded versions known to mage-kind
4. A treasure map showing the way to the dinosaurs graveyard
5. A green door, knock twice and enter
6. Drawings of a winged chariot, belching smoke and flame and emitting what appear to be pulses of bright light like lightning bolts

7. A group of hands with six digits on the left and seven on the right
8. A flaming pentagram with an arrow beneath it saying, ' This way to Hell'
9. A giant snake that is eating its own tail
10. An ancient dwarven drinking song, and a recipe for skull-splitting strength beer
11. A piece of music that if played backwards summons a bone demon
12. Strange circles with pointy teeth along the circumference that mesh with other strange wheels of all shapes and sizes. Beneath the 20 by 20 ft creation, are the words Feersum Engyne

13. A life size painting of a knight in ox-blood armour with an open visor exposing three eyes that feel as if they are following you around the cave
14. A long line of women and children holding hands walking into the bowels of some strange humongous bird with long spindly legs and pure white wings
15. Long Horned Cattle with six legs in a stampede
16. The names and dates of people who have visited the cave
17. A cornucopia of multi coloured dots and whirls, drip marks and streaks, but this painting is found on the cave floor, not on the walls
18. The 666 stages of the Horned Moon

19. A Vitruvian Alien from beyond the Black Gate
20. An intertwined double helix pulsing and moving with the mana of the gods
21. On the roof, the god of thunder sitting on a cloud reaching out to touch an outstretched hand
22. Thirteen mages, wearing black robes with cowls obscuring their wicked faces seated at a table, feasting on human flesh
23. Hieroglyphics depicting the great scourge
24. Seventeen Owl Bears dancing in a row

25. A strange looking beastman with long talons locked in mortal combat with a rearing sabre-toothed-tiger
26. A highly detailed drawing of the physiology of a dragon’s wing
27. A colossal lizard walking on its hind legs laying waste to a city
28. An old recipe for a health restorative, everything you need for it can be found in the cave
29. Row upon row of numbers, letters, and strange symbols that eventually equal the number thirteen
30. Graffiti that says 'Frodo lives...'