Monday, 3 November 2014

Magical & Mundane Flotsam & Jetsam. Being a list of what players might find washed up on the beach of Hex 19.17 as part of Tenkar's Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox.

I know the title is a mouthful, but we live in 'Important Times', and have to get things right!

1)  A piece of skin that contains thirteen tattoos each one more violent than the last. In each tattoo, the face of the individual suffering a truly terrible fate is one of the players. He/she can consider themselves marked-for-death...
2)  A small barrel of Old Toby pipe-weed.
3)  A magnifying glass with ‘Property of 221b Baker Street’ embossed onto the handle.
4)  A necklace made entirely from Troll teeth.
5)  A small hand-carved jade crocodile. When held to your ear there is a discernible ‘ticking noise’.
6)  A road sign for, ‘Highway 69’.
7)  A wooden propeller.
8)  A conch of commanding. Save vs. Spells or follow the conch blower’s commands, as per the spell. The word ‘Piggy’ is scratched onto the side.
9)  A barrel of tea leaves for a faraway place called, “China”.
10)   A box of seeds.
11)   A book of someone’s gambling debts.
12)   A pair of silver ‘granny-glasses’.
13)   A silver surfboard.
14)   A piece of scrimshaw depicting the voyage of a boat up a river. The boat in question is called the Nostromo and the scrimshaw ends with the words, “the horror...the horror.”
15)   A two-man saw.
16)   A wooden chair with leather straps for someone’s arms and legs. A curious metallic helmet and hood are attached to the top of the chair. The words ‘Old Sparky’ have been burnt into the wood.
17)   A barrel of monkeys.
18)   A pair of crampons.
19)   A bag of gems worth at least 500gp that glow in the dark like cat’s eyes.
20)   A turnip.
21)   A Wampeter, a Foma, and a Granfalloon. So it goes.
22)   A round red and white circled shield with a white star in the centre.
23)   A Pick-Axe.
24)   An eight-track of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper.’
25)   A Grand Piano.
26)   A Book of Blood. Whenever it is opened, it is red.
27)   A small chest containing random coins, each one with the head of a player on them. Oh, and the player is wearing a crown.
28)   A triple horned goats head.
29)   A large sea shell. When placed to your ear plays, ‘Dazed and Confused’, by Led Zeppelin.
30)   A box of kittens.
31)   A wooden canoe.
32)   Schematics on how to build an Igloo.
33)   A bucket of coal.
34)   A silver star shaped broach with the word Sherriff on it.
35)   A grubby helmet covered in camouflaged material with the words “Front Toward Enemy”, and “Khe Sanh” written on it.
36)   Some dude, frozen in Carbonite.
37)   A Wheelbarrow.
38)   A bow of +1 to back scratching, but not much use to shoot people.
39)   A leather Bull whip.
40)   A small brass hedgehog.
41)   A Golden Chachapoyan Fertility Idol.
42)   A cloak and cowl shaped like a bat.
43)   A jar of radioactive spiders.
44)   A miniature Dalek that screams, ‘Exterminate’ when handled.
45)   A brown, well used, beaten fedora with a tag on the inside that says,” Property of Alabama Smith”.
46)   A diamond encrusted Championship ring.
47)   A spell book labelled, “Trainspotting”.
48)   A soggy Dominoes pizza box.
49)   A box of Cuban cigars. Still sealed.
50)   Sheet music for Iggy Pop’s “Night Clubbing”.
51)   A treasure map.
52)   A promissory note worth 271 Silver Pieces. Redeemable only in Tenkar’s Landing.
53)   A Gold disc that reads,” Fifty Million Elvis Fans can’t be wrong”.
54)   Vincent van Gogh’s ear.
55)   The Band-Aid from the back of Marsellus Wallace’s neck.
56)   A picture of a grassy knoll.
57)   A large box of earth to be delivered to Carfax Abbey, belonging to one Count Dracul.
58)   A Bird cage.
59)   A piece of a Blue Policeman’s box.
60)   A Spade.
61)   A rusty lantern than when rubbed does...nothing.
62)   A chest full of green glowing question marks.
63)   A Headless Bat.
64)   A bottle of Hair Tonic (patent pending) from the ‘Auspicious Alchemical Hands’, of DR. Peter Rabbitfoot.
65)   A scroll containing a ghost story.
66)   A map to the ‘Dark Tower’.
67)   A brass plaque that reads, “Who Watches the Watchmen?”
68)   A small rosewood jewellery box containing the mummified finger of a powerful Sorcerer.
69)   The sacred crest of the ‘War-Pigs’.
70)   A rusting Iron Maiden that holds a fresh body.

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