Saturday, 1 November 2014

Afflictions & Ailments of Hex 19.17, to be found in the Tenkar's Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox Setting.

Ferryman’s Fever: Caused by drinking unclean water. What you can expect: Explosive vomiting, the goblins, high fever, shaking, sweating, tremors, and delirium. Once contracted this will lay you out for at least a fortnight. If the infected is a part of a group and is monitored daily, it is likely he /she will survive. If the person is on their own then death will more than likely occur.

Swamp Foot/ Zombie Foot: Caused by constant immersion in swamp water or wearing wet boots all the time. What you can expect: Skin becomes pale and infected and starts to rot. Toes/Heel/Bridge swell and will burst if left untreated. Amputation is usually necessary. Movement is initially halved then becomes non-existent unless carried.

Widows Waltz: Caused by the bite of the lesser known bloedsuier leech. What you can expect: An almost catatonic state. The sufferer will not be able to sit, but will instead and shuffle around constantly, moving from side to side as if in a slow dance. They will moan, and drool, and talk aloud to those long since departed.

Bloedsuier Leech

Crazy Eyes: Caused by the bite of the maalhied worm as it lays its eggs inside your bloodstream. What you can expect: The parasites will attach themselves to the nerves controlling the eyes and make the individual stare, wink, blink, and roll their eyes uncontrollably before death. No known cure exists, only magic.

The eyes. They're crazy.

Star Crossed Sorrow: Caused by the maalhied worm as detailed above, however, a certain portion of the parasites rest in the outer layers of the heart rather than the eyes. What to expect: Nothing at first. In fact, this usually manifests itself months after initial infection, but will eventually cause the heart to stop beating resulting in death. Folklore says the person died of a broken heart after being spurned by their lover.

No Sleep ‘Till, (Insert name of hometown here): No one knows how it is caught. What to expect: No sleep. Ever. Until you die. Initial symptoms are irritability, anger, extreme yawning. Then over the following days it becomes melancholy, lethargy, headaches, hallucinations, and finally after about 14-20 days, death.

The Morning after the Night before: Caused by the complete over-consumption of swamp intoxicants and pollutants. What to expect: The initial stages manifest in loud singing, cursing, craving for food at odd hours, slurred speech and a general bohemian outlook on life; then comes the swearing of eternal love and friendship and a lack of sound judgement.  Often followed with explosive vomiting and the occasional bout of the goblins.  The patient will then collapse and sleep, while snoring loudly for several hours. The morning after the night before finds the patient almost entirely unresponsive, communicating monosyllabically or even just grunting. Zero memory of what happened the night before. Delirium tremens, excessive shaking, an almost green reptilian cast to the features, more vomiting, more bouts of the goblins and a propensity to swear off drinking anything, ever again...until the next time, of course.Oh, and somehow they were pick pocketed, because all their gold is gone.

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