Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More Magical&Mundane pieces of Flotsam&Jetsam, to wash ashore at Hex 19.17.

 1)  The owner’s manual for a droid called, R2-D2.
 2)  A yellow guitar pick.
 3)  The severed fingers of Roland the Gunslinger. Say Thankee, Sai.
 4)  A wooden bucket.
 5)  A dead seagull.
 6)  The bloated body of a black unicorn.
 7)  A large red toadstool. Eat... if you dare.
8)  An autographed spell book called, “The Trial.”
9)  A Ouija Board.
10)   A sporran containing a pipe, and a pouch of tobacco.
11)   A red apple with an arrow +1 sticking out of it.
12)   The original ‘Mona Lisa’.
13)   The severed head of the dude from Munch’s painting, ‘The Scream’.
14)   A message in a bottle.
15)   A bag of rusty buttons.
16)   A giant writhing tentacle.
17)   A portable wooden guillotine.
18)   A Harlequins costume.
19)   A broken lance.
20)   A pack of playing cards that have had all the Kings', Queens', and Jacks' eyes cut out.
21)   Several shiny pieces of a weather balloon.
22)   A large red dragon’s scale, large enough to be used as a +2 shield of fire resistance.
23)   A hollow tree trunk.
24)   250ft of rope.
25)   A bag of potatoes.
26)   A pile of tangled fishing nets containing a dead merman.
27)   A filing cabinet full of files labelled X.
28)   A giant turtles shell.
29)   An elaborately carved walking stick.
30)   A hangman’s noose.

31)   A beating heart.
32)   A magic 8-ball that only ever answers, ‘You, die...’
33)   A leopard-skin pill-box hat.
34)   A pouch of counterfeit gold coins.
35)   A deck of 52 tarot cards. Each one is Death, and depicts the PC’s at various stages of their life... but only their past, never their future.
36)   A battered harmonica.
37)   A tiny wooden replica of Castle Braunstein.
38)   A giant coconut.
39)   The deeds to Maggie’s Farm.

40)   Several sticks of Dynamite.
41)   A blotter full of Brown Acid.
42)   Rasputin’s robes.
43)   A pair of boxing gloves.
44)   A wooden sparring dummy.
45)   A set of leather bagpipes.
46)   A Crown of Canines. Wearing it allows you to see the future, briefly. Roll 1d4 to see how many hours exactly.
47)   A catcher’s mitt.
48)   A birthday cake made of meat with candles of bone.
49)   A pigs head with a sign attached that says, ‘Have you seen the little piggy’s, in their starched white shirts?’
50)   A bagful of bone dice that always rolls high.

51)   A witch’s broom.
52)   A WW1 Gasmask.
53)   A gigantic oyster shell.
54)   A bunch of green bananas.
55)   The battle plans for ‘Operation Market-Garden.’
56)   A Joshua tree.
57)   A pearl-handled trident of +2.
58)   A lyre.
59)   A liar.
60)   A large black canvas sail.
61)   A carved wooden figurehead that comes alive every full-moon if submerged in sea-water.
62)   A palantír.
63)   A knight’s saddle.
64)   A box containing three blind mice.
65)   The wax death-mask of Alexander the Great.
66)   A key to the Texas Schoolbook Depository.
67)   A packing crate containing a stained glass window of a solemn monk in prayer.
68)   A small wooden windmill.
69)   The complete works of William Shakespeare... although Hamlet’s name has been replaced by, Asmodeus.

70)   The scuffed leather boots of ‘The Walkin’ Dude.’
71)   A red rose.
72)   A year’s supply of iron rations.
73)   A werewolves paw that becomes a human hand every full-moon.
74)   A barrel of crude oil.
75)   The battle standard of the Roman Legion.
76)   A kilt made from ‘Black Watch’ tartan.
77)   A packet of seeds, property of one, Jethro Tull.
78)   One of those god-awful, ‘Keep Calm and do something banal’ signs. ‘The do something part’ is up to the DM.
79)   A harpoon.
80)   An optometrists chart, populated only with the number 13.
81)   Your, ‘Wandering Monster’ chart.
82)   A bag, full of magical Lottery Balls.
83)   A ‘Common to Elven’ dictionary.
84)   A rocking horse of constant motion.
85)   A Hex map of Tenkar’s Landing.
86)   A Multi-coloured Mermaid.
87)   A pair of Giant leather boots.
88)   A small glass vial of Anthrax.
89)   A witches shopping list.

90)   A pair of rusty leg-irons, with the legs still attached.
91)   A straitjacket.
92)   A barrel of Wolf’s Bane.
93)   Giant wind chimes.
94)   A samurai sword.
95)   Neptune’s Crown.
96)   Achilles’ heel.
97)   A pearl the size of a Halfling’s head.
98)   A cracked ships bell.
99)   A golden fleece.
100) A wooden coffin.

More can be found here.

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