Monday, 1 December 2014

Things we left a troll's stomach

 Trolls. Regenerating garbage cans. Eat anything and anyone... so, if you've the mind , and the stomach for it, (pardon the pun), well, you just never know what you might find, eh? But here are a few suggestions anyway.
1 A Halfling’s skull 
2 A large snake that has eaten a cat, that has eaten a rat, that has eaten a mouse, that has eaten a blue pearl, worth at least 500gp
3 A half eaten pig’s foot
4  Hundreds of Orc molars
5 About ten kg's of fermenting turnip
6 A Dwarf’s fist with a ring of minor strength on his index finger; + 1 to hit and damage
7 A Goblin’s face
8 About a pound of raw fish
9 Pieces of another troll
10 A pair of undigested Elf ears with a small diamond earring in one of them, worth at least 200gp

11 Lizard man’s gizzards
12 A pair of rusty manacles
13 A dozen or so, bleached white snail shells
14 A mage’s forearm with a +1 bracelet of Armour & Saving Throw protection
15 A branch from a willow tree
16 A map of the local dungeon
17 A cow
18 A rabbit’s foot of: +10% or -10 % to any percentage roll. Or a + four or – four to any die roll. Or make the DM do a complete re-roll. Can be used but once per day.
19 A Minotaur's horn
20 A sheepskin

21 A broken wand of fireballs, which could possibly be repaired, but used with extreme caution
22 A Tankard
23 An exquisite goblet worth around 375gp
24 A broken lantern
25 A left-handed gauntlet
26 Bits of a broken buckler
27 A stone bottle containing a potion of stone giant strength
28 Boots of silence
29 A frolic of fairies
30 Stone dice of gambling. Dice wielder wins 75% of all dice based gambling games using these dice

31 A gnomes leather cap
32 A warhorse. Barding and all (found only in the big ones)
33 A breastplate of +1
34 Igneous rocks
35 Three Billy Goats Gruff
36 A small village of brownies
37 A piece of Gelatinous cube containing an arrow head of +2 vs. Gelatinous cubes, and other wibbly-wobbly terrors
38 A shovel
39 A silver crown worth its weight in...silver, what else?
40 A bearskin
41 A small chandelier 
42 A pick-axe
43 A crystal ball of scrying
44  A coin purse filled with gold nuggets worth around 400gp
45 A wheelbarrow
46  A crossbow
47 Eldritch green, glowing  mushrooms
48 A witches pointy hat
49 A 50ft rope with a  grappling hook on the end
50 A mace

Troll kalla mik
trungl sjǫtrungnis,
auðsug jǫtuns,
élsólar bǫl,
vilsinn vǫlu,
vǫrð nafjarðar,
hvélsveg himins –
hvat's troll nema þat?

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