Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Thieves Tools

What all the best dressed thieves are rockin' this season.
Our group doesn't get to play as much as we want. Sadly, it is only once a month if we are lucky. So we when do get together, I like to make it something memorable for my players by pulling out all the stops. Each character at the table get a set of props appropriate to their profession. This is what I have been collecting for our resident thief and degenerate gambler, Shade DuMond.
I scour second-hand stores, thrift stores, you name  it, and I usually find some pretty interesting stuff.  With a little modelling here, and there, you can  fashion something that would not be out of place  as a thief's possession. All of the items I give/make for the players can be used in-game, which makes for some pretty interesting role-playing.

"For those who work at night..." Official seal of the local thieves guild on his lock-pick container.

Caution! Acid. For all those truly stubborn locks that just wont budge.

 A Cat's Eye Lantern that can be dimmed in a pinch. Perfect for those nights when the clouds are covering the moon.

A tiny hammer and spikes for setting traps, as well as some alarm bells to warn the thief when someone is coming.

Some long handled cutting tools for disarming those sneaky traps. As well as a tea strainer that just looked so cool that I had to have it. A real glass cutter and a pulley.

Some wire, bolts, and a handy crampon with a 2-inch pulley attached

Some Lamp Black, another handy tool for a thief, as well as some hooks and thin cotton for snagging light objects.

The obligatory ransom demands. How else do sneaky thieves they make cash in their down time?

A tankard for that after-action satisfaction.

And this is what it's all about, coins and gems. The coins I found at a party shop (pirate coins), the rest is costume jewelry and fake plastic gemstones that you use for a fish-tank. The rest is just bits of interesting items I find for cheap, here and there; small treasure chests, skull-potion bottles etc.


  1. (I don't know if that posted. If I double post, feel free to delete one)

    I love the kit, sounds like you have a great group of players if they inspire this sort of prop collection. Years and years back, I had a player who played a druid with a blacksmithing background. One of the other players bought him a small (but totally real) anvil for Christmas.

  2. An anvil...now that has just given me an idea! Thanks, Mike!