Monday, 29 December 2014

Random Encounters at a Ki'Afran Watering Hole. Dusk and Dawn.

It’s hot. The sun beats down without mercy. You need to drink or die; Ki’Afra is not for the weak. There, on the horizon... another mirage? Praise be! It’s a watering hole! But wait, what’s that? In the shadow, it’s...

1) A pride of young ,drunk, heavily armoured lion warriors out celebrating their first human kill
2) A posse of outlaw jackals, hiding from the law after boosting a shipment of stones sent from the mines in the Mountains of the Moon
3) A Hyena Necromancer leading a troop of Un-dead Stygians chained hand and foot.
4) A Crash of Rhinoceros Bounty Hunters out hunting Babel the Despoiler- scourge of the Savannah-who are willing to pay for any information you may have on his whereabouts. It’s just unfortunate that one of the party is the spitting image of the man they seek
5) A Vulture Sorcerer taking measurements of the horizon, the longitude, the latitude, and the arc of the setting twin suns
6) A dazed and confused Norse God very far from home
7) A troupe of Monkey Mimes on their way to the Palace of Reeds to perform for the King
8) A caravan of Spice merchants going South following the Dogge Star
9) An Ivory Palanquin, being carried by a bevy of fully armed Amazons. Reclining behind silk curtains is their Queen, Shalla-Bal the Silver
10) A nervous Herald of Zambambia on his way to the Court of the Cannibal King for dinner...
11) A Pure white heron, an emissary of the Ki’Afran Fey
12) A Dream-weed smuggler, guarded by a pack of highly trained Hawk-men
13) A slumbering crocodile berserker
14) A pride of Royal Sabre-tooth-tigers, sitting in the shade, being fanned by their human slaves
15) Ra, the Sun-God, who is weary of his eternal toil and is desperately looking for someone to take his place

16) A giant, spell-weaving arachnid, hiding in the baobab trees surrounding the watering hole
17) A Red-Back Gorilla Gladiator and his master, on their way to the Arena of Shadow and Dust to win their freedom
18) A troop of degenerate gambling Meerkats who are looking for outsiders to join a game that’s in its seventy third hour
19) A second-hand flying carpet salesman from Marrakech
20) A tall, glowing, green man, standing in the middle of the water, sucking it up through his fingers
21) A mosquito assassin, lying supine, resting, and smoking a calabash after his last kill
22) The watering hole is empty, except for the rotting corpses of men and animals everywhere. The water is actually a colossal Water-Weird
23) A Wormhole Wizard who only speaks in colours
24) The fertility goddess Isis, crying and upset at the loss of her lover
25) A boy-child, floating in a basket made from dead locusts
26) A pious of Praying- Mantis-Clerics, fighting a group of un-dead, ravening, warthogs
27) An Ebony Statue of Sorrow; if anyone pours water from the watering hole at its feet, they receive a +1 to all Saves for the next day, also, the statue will then smile until sunrise and sing out if danger approaches
28) A giant Scorpion, hiding under the sand, waiting for its next meal
29) A Veld Giant, with a pack of slobbering jackals, out hunting Quaggas
30) A herd of Wildebeest, with glowing eyes, and smouldering hooves, waiting for the sun

The above can be used at dusk, the following at dawn.

1)      A giant two-headed snake, hiding in the shade of the trees, waiting for the unwary to approach. It will silence its prey quickly then constrict the life out of them before swallowing them whole
2)      A Bard, playing a primal gourd-like instrument , chanting continuously, while a dust devil dances at his feet and around the campfire
3)      A giant, jewel encrusted throne made from beaten gold and platinum. Sitting upon it, is the mighty pachyderm god, Oliphant, surrounded by his court of armoured elephant warriors on their way to make war on their troublesome neighbours in the Kingdom of the Ghouls. You have been commanded to fight by the gods side, lest you be killed for being spies of the Ghoul King, R’Abid
4)      A lone farmer, and his son, fighting off a four-headed hydra. The farmer is actually a Lord of Karma, and will reward those for their good deeds, but punish those you are selfish and think only of themselves
5)      A giant trapdoor spider, who has built its trap right at the water’s edge to catch the unwary
6)      A troupe of ‘Old Men of the Mountains’, a venerable group of Baboon illusionists who are on their way to perform for the gods of the Silent Valley
7)      A giant, Ki’Afran clawed toad (called a Plattanna) submerged stealthily in the water. It’s tongue is strong enough to drag a fully armoured warrior to their doom
8)      The watering hole is empty, except for the rotting corpses of men and animals everywhere. The water is poisoned.
9)      A Calamity of Orc poachers out hunting for ivory on the King’s lands
10)   A larceny of inter-dimensional thieves, disguised as priests from the nearby monastery, who will rob you blind...literally, they will steal your sight
11)   A cloud of locusts, as per the spell for insects and their swarm, but this kind eat everything, even fact ,they cherish it above all else
12)   A Dazzle of Zebra-men, who are actually expert pickpockets and will rob you blind before you can say...,
13)   A Coalition of Cheetah spies, getting the lay of the land before the invasion, but now that they have told you, they will have to kill you
14)   A Journey of three Giraffe Sages, bearing gifts for the god king born to the east under a celestial black hole
15)   A group of small, emerald, scarab beetles, rolling a collection of tiny stars, moons, and glowing yellow suns, around the swirling, milky white water; entering the water will transport the group to another plane of existence entirely

16)   A Committee of crooked Vultures in talks on what to charge for use of the watering hole and its arboreal amenities
17)   A Rain Goddess of the veld, engaged in discourse with the Queen of the Leopards
18)   A slave trader, on the run from his former master, regretting his life decisions
19)   Alaine Quatermein, the famous Big-Game Hunter, searching for the Elephants Graveyard
20)   A Nuaranain Princess, with a red right hand, sworn to usurp her father. She is waiting for her army to arrive. She has space for more if you are interested
21)   A Royal astronomer, from the Court of the Crimson King, plotting the celestial movement of a falling angel
22)   An Impi of highly trained Zulu warriors, hot on the heels of a group of cattle rustlers
23)   The world famous explorer, Marku Polu, who took a left when he should have taken a right
24)   A dozing Tyrannosaurus Rex
25)   A fraud of snake-oil salesman, who are really pleased to see you. Suspiciously so...
26)   A low lying bank of mist descends as you approach the watering hole. When it finally lifts, one of your group are missing
27)   A drunken, armoured, elephant pirate, who swears his undying love to you
28)   A black and white stripped beholder, hanging around, trying to blend in
29)   A shepherd and his flock of Halfling goats
30)   A slither of Mamba-men, waiting for Queen Slang to descend from the sky above

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