Saturday, 8 November 2014

Famous Last Words.

We've all said them, or heard them said...  usually it's right before the entire party gets wiped out. 

1)What could possibly go wrong?
2)Hhmmm, that looks tasty, let me try some...
4)...and really, how hard can it be?
5)Them? They look harmless.
6)Relax! I’ve done this a thousand times...
7)Are you sure you speak troll?
8)Pole? Pole? Piffle, who needs a ten foot pole?
9)See, I told you I was ill! (Apologies to MR S. Milligan)
10)Mushrooms? Don't mind if I do.
11)Jump, you can make it, I promise.
12)Hey...what’s that noise?
13)Dude, I’m soo charismatic... of course we can trust them.
14)What kind of thief do you take me for? Of course I checked for traps.
15)Hell’s Teeth! Do you see the size of that thing?
16)That’s weird, that wasn't here a moment ago...
17)Duh, do you really think I can’t tell the difference between potion and poison?
18)Me? I thought you were on guard du...
19)Don't sweat it, I've GOT this!
20)Faeries? Faeries don't have teeth...

1 comment:

  1. "Just one more room..." has ended in more TPKs than I can count.